Fascist moderators

Yes, yes, I know, everybody thinks the mod who disagrees with him on what the rules say is a fascist. Nonetheless, I feel I have a case here. Consider: A multiplayer game of Crusader Kings – the only one organised from the Paradox forums, possibly the last one in existence. A player in it who has been banned from the forums. A proxy server. An obscure clause in the forum rules forbidding aiding people in circumventing forum bans. ‘Aid’, in this case, apparently includes acts of omission like failing to report sock puppets – snitch, in other words.

Now, banning the sock puppet is obvious, no beef there. The original ban was for good and sufficient reasons, after all. A warning to the other players might also have been in order – usually, non-severe breaches do get a warning, and that’s for well-known rules like personal attacks or trolling! A rule that nobody has ever heard of, which might be interpreted two ways? And this gets an instant thread lock? Sheesh.

Still and all, this is at least within the bounds of harsh modding. But when – politely! – asked to rescind the lock, with a promise not to permit the banned player to post in the future, the mod goes and deletes the thread! 6000 posts! This, gentlemen, is just plain petty spite. And it is also why I have moved my TWBW posting schedule up. I will continue to post AARs at Paradox, because that’s where most of the built-in audience is. But I’m glad I have a backup.



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4 responses to “Fascist moderators

  1. Richard Campbell

    Well, let’s be fair. I think I was polite. I assume you were polite. I have no idea what anyone else sent.

  2. kingofmen

    Well, being rude to a mod is pretty stupid, no? And I’m sure we have no stupid players. And even if we did, the appropriate action would be to warn them, or if such behaviour persisted, suspend or ban. Not to delete entire threads with posts from innocent players!

  3. Blayne

    we should compile that letter of complaint and send it to the forum staff and Johan.

  4. kingofmen

    I think Varyar’s idea of the PR staff might be better, actually.

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