There Will Be War

Be warned: This post, and all others marked ‘There Will Be War’, contain spoiler information for the Great Game.

The Great Game ran for about two years of real time, and finished in 1949, game time, in something of a draw. Over the course of those 1000 years, the Ynglings had developed from a mere noble family into an ethnic group – 20-year doubling times will do that if you keep track of every male child – with a nasty racist ideology. So when the Final War ended with a three-way nuclear standoff and Europe shattered and bled dry by something rather worse than our WWII, it was inevitable there would be a sequel; the Ynglings had only stopped fighting because it was clear that the standoff was the absolute best they could hope for in the next generation or so. There was no way to have that sequel within the Paradox series of games, though. So I started a new game, “There Will Be War”, playing once again as Norway, and invented a two-hundred-year Cold War, which could be ended by setting off a time machine. Hence the following series of posts.

It should be made clear that the time machine is purely flavour text, with no influence on actual game mechanics.

I had originally intended to post this after the Great Game was finished, but our game had a run-in with an administrator at the Paradox forums, and I am now worried that the thread might be deleted, as happened to the discussion thread. In which case I would lose a lot of hard work that I’m rather proud of, so I’m moving it here and to hell with the spoilers.


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