There Will Be War: The Big Picture

While I had been dealing with civil wars and not expanding very much, other players had been much more successful. The Duchy of Brittany, in particular, had completed about half a Reconquista all on his own, about 300 years before schedule.

Time for a gameplay report. As you may have inferred from the doings of Geir, Norway has been through a rather grim little civil war due to that Kinslayer trait. At the worst I could muster roughly 700 men from the whole of southern Norway; between the revolts and an efficiency of 35%, there wasn’t a fighting man on my side to be found. As a result Bergen and Trøndelag managed to make their revolts stick, and have since found shelter with the King of Sweden. However, brother Magnus died without issue, thus bringing northern Norway and parts of modern Sweden into my hands. I solved the efficiency problem by parcelling out seven provinces between my various daughters, who could be relied upon to remain loyal; thus Norway is now largely ruled by Ynglings, in accordance with Geir’s instructions, although most of them are female. The few remaining non-Yngling vassals all have traits that keep them, just barely, on the loyal side. Any acquisition of badboy, however, would bring it all crashing down again; and besides my income is 6 ducats a month at the moment, which won’t be supporting any aggressive ventures.

The civil war and the revolts have completely shattered my economy; Viken has managed to lose all its buildings including the fortress (!), and my other provinces are not far off. At the beginning of this session, Akershus had three buildings: A fortress, a smuggler’s ring, and a thieves’ guild. Population loyalties range from 20% up to 50%, with gains of 0.1% monthly; revolts are only to be expected. Also, apart from family I am unable to keep any courtiers. Just this session I lost a marshal, a steward, a spymaster, and sundry untitled hangers-on; it is fortunate that my elder son came of age and was able to take over as marshal, and I installed his wife as spymaster. You will appreciate that renewed wars were not my first priority, nor are they now; Olaf will plainly not be indulging in anything aggressive for the rest of his life. Rebuilding time!

Here’s Europe after various weirdzo vassals have been removed:


Apologies for the Flandern Duke obscuring various things, it’s a side effect of Pdox moving the character picture, which I haven’t yet figured out how to avoid. Anyway, Iceland is hardly the most important part of the map. Note all that white in Spain; that’s the Duchy of Brittany. Also note all the yellow in Russia; that’s Kiev. I fear my own time-traveller’s efforts are looking rather modest by comparison.



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4 responses to “There Will Be War: The Big Picture

  1. Blayne

    I wonder how different things would have turned out with a viable france.

  2. kingofmen

    Indeed, a player in southern France / southwest Germany would have been quite useful, I think. But, eh, hindsight is perfect. If England hadn’t collapsed, ulmont might have had some competition in Iberia.

  3. Richard Campbell

    Maybe. Dax not bailing out of Apulia (or martmol before that) could have also given some competition. The Duchy of Barcelona, in retrospect, would have been a better starting point.

  4. Carillon

    Well England collapsing definitely had some very serious implications, the game, at least for me, and I think KoM too, would have been very, very different.

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