Great Game XXII: Character Count

Paradox games are very nice for modding and editing, in that their savegames are all human-readable. Or, as in this case, third-party-code readable.

No update, but some interesting information. I made a little snippet to go through CK savegames and count characters, and for the latest Great Game save we get this information :

  • 534 living Yngling males, with 100 titles between them. (Which is quite odd, actually, since in 1339 there were 556, still with 100 titles. I wasn’t there last week; has someone been assassinating Ynglings? If so, my vengeance will be terrible.)
  • 313 Piasts, with 112 titles! Poland has been expanding since last week, and it seems Sterk has no lack of relatives to give the counties to.
  • 368 de Hautevilles, with 65 titles. These are the rulers of Italy; Traveler, their player, is the only other semi-regular updater of AARs for this game. I’d link to his thread, but it uses the heretical ‘March Through Time’ title, so I won’t. Clearly, God does not favour the Greatness-deniers; how else can you explain this powerful dynasty, in rich Italy, having only half the scions of the Ynglings in cold and barren Norway? :p
  • 149 de Normandies, 49 titles. Dom’s dynasty; he presumably had to wipe out a lot of them in the English Deluge. And of course, there aren’t room for that many titles on the British Isles anyway.
  • 597 Jimenez scions, 98 titles. The lusty Iberians are breeding like rabbits! And of course, with all that yellow in the Middle East, there’s plenty of the good stuff to go around. Why can’t the Ynglings conquer some nice warm lands like that?
  • 476 de Flandres, but with only 53 titles. On the other hand, those titles are all squeezed into the extremely rich Burgundian lands.
  • 199 de Joignys, with only 34 titles. A rather disappointing showing for the Kings of France, but then cheech joined us late, and France is a bit shrunken from its historical borders.
  • 127 Dukases, with 46 titles. Byzantium having been in a state of complete meltdown for the past thirty years or so, I’m actually a bit surprised to see this many Dukases. I would have thought most of them would have been executed for treason by now. Maybe they are hanging about Anatolia, having made their rebellion stick? Certainly there’s much less imperial purple in Turkey than there used to be.
  • 67 Premyslids, with 41 titles. Not very many of the line of the kings of Hungary, but the best title density yet! Earendil must be handing out those Iraqi counties like candy to his kinsmen.

So the Ynglings are second in raw numbers, and also second in number of titles. Just a few assassinations and fertile heiresses might see us first in both categories. Come on, lads – ligg dokker sammen og gjør nokke!


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