Great Game XXXI: Character Count II

CK’s breeding system means that the populations of some noble families tend to explode, while others are diven to extinction. This demographic effect will be important to my later development, so I like to keep track of it even though it’s not very story-related.

I did my promised search for the Hohenzollerns, and while I was at it I added the human dynasties, and here are the results :

Found 507 of the family Yngling with 119 titles.
Found 332 of the family Piast with 101 titles.
Found 95 of the family Dukas with 56 titles.
Found 548 of the family Jimenez with 112 titles.
Found 0 of the family von Hohenzollern with 0 titles.
Found 7 of the family von Habsburg with 1 titles.
Found 125 of the family de Normandie with 42 titles.
Found 365 of the family de Flandre with 52 titles.
Found 360 of the family de Hauteville with 72 titles.
Found 100 of the family Premyslid with 61 titles.
Found 152 of the family de Joigny with 34 titles.

This is splendid news : The Ynglings are now the most powerful family, as measured by number of titles, and retain their position as the second largest! Alas, the news is less good for fans of the Hohenzollerns. They’ve been wiped out. And only a single Habsburg count, though of course, with the way that family arranges its marriages, that could change. And, best of all, the Piasts have actually managed to lose some titles since the last census! Clearly, the Plague chooses its targets well.


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