There Will Be War: Treaty of Mecklemburg

We had a system of treaties in TWBW, such that a treaty written up in-character in the AAR thread, and where one of the parties paid some gold to the bank, was considered a FoCoG – Field of the Cloth of Gold – and could be enforced by excommunicating (by editing the savegame) any party in breach of its provisions. This is the first such treaty that involved Norway.

Treaty of Mecklemburg

His Most Christian Majesty, Konrad Billung, King of Prussia; and Einar Sigurdsson Yngling, King of Norway and Sweden, the Wends and the Goths,

having this Day concluded a Treaty of Amity and Commerce, for the reciprocal advantage of their Subjects, have thought it necessary to take into consideration the means of strengthening those engagements and of rendering them useful to the safety and tranquility of the two parties, particularly in case a foreign Power in Resentment of that connection and of the good correspondence which is the object of the said Treaty, should break the Peace with either party, either by direct hostilities, or by hindering commerce and navigation, in a manner contrary to the Rights of Kings,

and their Majesties having resolved in that Case to join their Councils and efforts against the Enterprises of their common Enemy, the respective Plenipotentiaries, empowered to concert the Clauses and conditions proper to fulfil the said Intentions, have, after the most mature Deliberation, concluded and determined on the following Articles.

Article the first:

If War should be declared by any other Power upon either contracting Party during the continuance of the present Reigns of their respective Majesties, the said Majesties shall make it a common cause, and aid each other mutually with their good Offices, their Counsels, and their forces, according to the exigence of Conjunctures as becomes good and faithful Allies.

Article the second:

The essential and direct End of the present defensive Alliance is to maintain effectually the Liberty, Sovereignty, and Independence absolute and unlimited of the said Majesties, as well in Matters of Government as of commerce.

Article the third:

The two contracting Parties shall each on its own Part, and in the manner it may judge most proper, make all the efforts in its Power, against their common Enemy, in order to attain the end proposed.

Article the fourth:

The contracting Parties agree that in case either of them should form any particular Enterprise in which the concurrence of the other may be desired, the Party whose concurrence is desired shall readily, and with good faith, join to act in concert for that Purpose, as far as circumstances and its own particular Situation will permit; and in that case, they shall regulate by a particular Convention the quantity and kind of Succour to be furnished, and the Time and Manner of its being brought into action, as well as the advantages which are to be its Compensation.

Article the fifth:

Einar Sigurdsson Yngling renounces the possession of the Duchy of Holstein, comprising the Counties of Holstein and Hamburg, in favour of the prior claim of Konrad Billung.

Article the sixth:

Konrad Billung renounces the possession of the Counties of Södermanland and Östergotland, in favour of the superior claim of Einar Sigurdsson Yngling.

Article the seventh:

Neither of the two Parties, the first Article having been invoked, shall conclude either Truce or Peace with their common for, without the formal consent of the other first obtained.

Article the eighth:

The contracting Parties declare, that being resolved to fulfil each on its own Part the clauses and conditions of the present Treaty of alliance, according to its own power and circumstances, there shall be no after claim of compensation on one side or the other whatever may be the event of the War.

Done in Mecklemburg this third day of January, year of Our Lord one thousand, one hundred, and fifty-one.

X Einar Sigurdsson Yngling, his mark
X Konrad Billung, his seal

The treaty was not universally popular:

The Tsar of Russia protests the treaty between Prussia and Norway as a dangerous course that can potentially destabilize the balance of power.

The Czar of Russia is a known troublemaker, who would no doubt be saying this sort of thing for any Norwegian action short of signing Finland over to him. Which, just to be clear, will not be occurring.


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