There Will Be War: The Partition of England

The first partition of many. The original player for England had a streak of bad luck – two civil wars in a row, worse even than the Westman Rising that I barely survived at the start – and when the other powers decided to interfere, it was all over for him. He moved to a Duchy in Russia. Eventually England became such a battleground, with fortunes changing so rapidly, that we referred to the Curse of the Isles – anyone seeking land there would come to regret it.

Note Brittany in blue dominating the west of Europe. Scotland and Ireland, however, are held by a player vassal, and therefore are not to be considered as firmly in their sphere of interest as the rest – human players are notoriously more independently minded than the AI!

The promised map:


Also some battles from the recent Irish War, in which it was stated by a coward who shall remain nameless that the Yngling infantry was not all its reputation claimed for it. Take a look:


Three battles, in each of which the Norwegians are outnumbered by amounts ranging from slightly to lots, and each of which the Norwegians are winning. It is true that in the later stages of the campaign, when the Irish took to letting the terrain do their fighting and then struck tired troops with odds of three or four to one, we were sometimes at a temporary disadvantage. But in fair fights, the Norwegians easily held their own – ‘fair’ being defined here as “no more than two strils per Norseman”.

You should also note that at Strathclyde, my troops are in fact being commanded by a dead man, and nonetheless won the day!


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