Israeli attacks on Gaza

I am not really that interested in the rights or wrongs of it. A plague on both their houses. But I must say I am extremely unimpressed with Norwegian press coverage of the attacks. Generally one criticises the press for giving both sides equal weight, even if the one is a raving madman. It is rather unusual to see them not giving any space at all to one side. So responsible a newspaper as Aftenposten, which I linked, spends five paragraphs on the destruction caused in Gaza before casually mentioning that the attacks are retaliation for rockets fired by Hamas last week, at civilian targets. An event which they gave one small article, with no casualty counts or reactions.

I don’t give a damn whether the Jews wipe out the Arabs, or vice-versa; but I find myself hoping they’ll get on with it. Perhaps our journalists might start practicing what passes for their professional ethics again. Not taking sides when one side is plainly in the right is bad enough. But to take sides when the issue is not clear is plain disgusting.

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