There Will Be War: The Big Picture III

Perhaps more of a medium picture, dealing only with the fighting fronts in Russia.

This is my understanding of the diplomatic situation. Bohemia, Prussia, and Norway are at war with Russia, Georgia, and Byzantium. Brittany is prohibited by treaty from attacking Russia, but is at war with Georgia. Italy is prohibited by treaty from invading Georgia, but is at war with Russia. I’m not sure about how Byz stands in those two last-mentioned wars. Serbia is courted by both sides; it had actually agreed to join the Easterners, but it was subbed this session and the sub was given the instruction “join unless a better offer is made”. A better offer was then made; there was some confusion over whether Serbia was actually at liberty to DOW Russia due to its obligations under the Commonwealth, and the upshot was that fasquardon and Varyar agreed that Serbia was more trouble than it was worth, and that they would both withdraw their bids and keep Serbia neutral. Since then more bids have been made, and it is believed that Serbia will join the Eastern alliance.

Of the few neutrals, France is busy cleaning up rebellions in the wake of a child inheriting, Scotland is temperamentally inclined to attack Norway but would get stomped, and anyway ulmont could just peace him out, since Scotland is a vassal of Brittany; and Arabia I’m not sure about. It seems there was some cleaning up of Dukes going on there as well. Presumably Conq would like nothing better than to grab some Georgian lands in the Middle East, but there are treaty concerns and besides, Georgia is a behemoth.

So much for diplomacy; now the military situation. The Norwegian, Prussian, and Bohemian armies have all made progress in invading their respective corners of Russia, destroying local resistance and occupying considerable land. However, Georgian reinforcements are now arriving in strength, after a long overland march. Italian troops have attempted to land in the Crimea, but have been repelled with heavy casualties; Varyar is considering other options for more effective participation. Breton troops have landed in the Middle East and taken some land there, but the Georgian strongholds – Baghdad, Damascus – are far too heavily defended to attack effectively. However, these vast regiments are garrison troops, unable to come out of their fortified cities – the Baghdad regiment, I am informed, starts out at 50000 men and 66% attrition. This means it can repel any attempted siege of Baghdad by being raised for a few days; but it cannot come out to play in the field. ulmont is therefore starting to ignore the Georgian demesne and attacking vassals instead.

Here is a map showing the Norwegian, Prussia, and Bohemian gains in Russia, and also the Norwegian demands, the proposed border being outlined in red.

Demands, 1193

Oh, and we are not “invading for no reason”, we have a really excellent reason. To wit, Russia has stuff that we want! Gimme!


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