The Great Game: The Dominion of the World

With the completion of the Crusader Kings era, we converted our save to Europa Universalis 2. This added most of the world to our map; only those parts that historically were not colonised until the nineteenth century are left out. We accordingly searched for players for the Asian powers, and began scrambling for trade and colonies. In particular, Norway sparred with Poland (who else?) and Hungary for access to the ‘Siberian corridor’, the long, narrow path of accessible provinces leading to the Pacific. It runs roughly along the permafrost line, everything north of that being considered impassable with the technology of the time. I also competed with Burgundy and England for colonies in wealthy North America; to our later dismay, this left Spain free to colonise South America and its gold.

The Great Game continues! From 1066 to 1419 the dynasties of Europe have plotted, assassinated, and warred against each other. Victorious against Mongol and Turk alike, they now turn their sights outwards. Tempered and honed by their unending feuds, they are such a force for conquest as the world has never yet seen. If they can overcome their own differences, no nation on Earth can stand against them. But four hundred years of battle are not so easily forgotten. We have played for the dominance of a continent; now the stakes are higher. To the victor will go the dominion of the world. Let the Great Game begin!


The Great Game is a multiplayer campaign spanning from 1066 to 1920. The Crusader Kings portion is now done, and Europa Universalis begins. We use MyMap, and no historical events or leaders, as they are rather a-historical in this alternate timeline. Herewith the AARs for our conflicts.

At this time, there are some powerful positions open in Europe, as major players have unfortunately dropped. The kingdoms of Burgundy and Castille are wealthy and powerful kingdoms, crying out for a strong leader to guide them to glory. France is a rather less powerful kingdom, but still controls the southern half of its historical area, and may well recover in skilled hands, since nobody likes Burgundy. Bohemia is small, but not yet gone.

Further south, the Kingdom of Jerusalem is large and powerful; Egypt, the Mamelukes, and Iraq not so large or powerful, but I think quite playable. Outside Europe, we could help the Timurids out a bit, there’s China, and there’s the Indian powers. Speak up, and grab a share in the fate of the world!

AAR proper to follow later.

EDIT, 19th April : It turns out that MyMap is just too unstable; we were unable to play with it for more than a few minutes at a time. Consequently we went back to the vanilla map, and 1419.

On the plus side, we did fill some positions; Castille and Burgundy are no longer available. France still exists, but is reduced to control of Paris alone. Englad will need to be considerably pruned to maintain the balance of power there, and France may yet recover, but not by its own efforts. Jerusalem and Egypt remain open, though they cannot be considered very major powers; still, with opportunities to expand into Africa and the Indian Ocean, they could easily develop into considerable players.

Further update, April 29th : Jerusalem is now played, and has absorbed most of Egypt. France remains a two-province minor, though several major Powers have expressed their intent to restore it to its former glory. Outside Europe, a Japan or Bengal player could certainly request some buffs, as we need to keep an expansive China in check.

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