The Great Game: The dance begins – again

After switching to the vanilla map, not so much happened in the first session.

Well now, not so much happened this session, so I’ll just put up some maps and stuff. I built tax collectors all over the place – I’m not going to write a snippet mentioning how the King stopped taking payment in kind and started sending out bureaucrats to collect money – and my yearly income went from 31.71 in 1420 to 160.16 in 1429. A considerable increase, and very satisfying, although it did mean basically sitting about and building new tax collectors every year. Iceland and the Livonian Order broke their vassalisations, which didn’t really bother me too much; much worse is the partition of what was left of France between England, Spain, and Burgundy. France is now reduced to the region around Paris. However, the thieves have fallen out among themselves, and now squabble over the corpse; Burgundian armies march through Normandie, while Spanish troops are pushing through Languedoc, driving out Burgundian garrisons as they go. At the moment England and Spain are allied against their former accomplices; that may change. Meanwhile, the other Powers of Europe are not pleased at the partition of France.

This is the Baltic in 1429. Note how my converter made Poland a large, contiguous Power; there are not that many tags in Eastern Europe for it to use. A similar effect applies to Norway, although at least Sweden and Finland were broken off as units. Hungary is quite big too, not to mention owning Persia. That one is on my foreign-policy list for, say, 1650, after Poland has been partitioned.
Europe 1429

Speaking of France, here it is :
France 1429

You can’t see it on this scale, but most of Normandie is under siege by Burgundian armies, while the English patrol the Channel and build their armies. And the Spaniards are besieging the Burgundian holdings in the south.

Finally, here is the Middle East :
Middle East 1429

Ye gods, Hungary looks bigger every time I look at it. OK, maybe I’ll move it up to 1600. Incidentally, that blue in Azerbaijan is my vassal Finland; some weird inheritance somewhere in CK, no doubt. I don’t recall arranging for that one. Frankly, the Persians can have it.


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