There Will Be War: Administrative Treaty

Slightly annoyed, I am in this post.

Although the Norwegian Realm does not recognise the illegal Prussian occupation of Denmark, we find it necessary to temporarily acknowledge certain administrative conveniences. Therefore, the Count of Fyn, with his provinces of Fyn, Slesvig, and Bornholm, is to transfer his allegiance to the King of Prussia; in exchange, the provinces of Medelpad, Åland, and Östergotland are to be returned to Norwegian sovereignty. In addition, the provinces of Onega and Karelen are to be turned over to the Czar of Russia, who acknowledges his duty to return Karelen if and when he should be able to assert his claim over Vodi.

OOC: Karelen and Onega are 393 and 411; the rest are already done. Carillon has paid for the whole thing.


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