Great Game XXXV: Endgame statistics

Wup, another end-of-game CK post for the Great Game. Just statistics. But these numbers imply a level of population growth that’ll become an important plot point later on.

Thank you, loyal readers, thank you. We’ve come a long way since Norway was a poor kingdom clinging to the edge of a cold peninsula, and a single illness might have wiped out the Yngling √¶tt. But many challenges remain for the Master of the North.

*Takes a bow*

Some statistics on the endgame :

Found 732 of the family Yngling with 120 titles.
Found 506 of the family Piast with 100 titles.
Found 121 of the family Dukas with 70 titles.
Found 679 of the family Jimenez with 94 titles.
Found 0 of the family von Hohenzollern with 0 titles.
Found 10 of the family von Habsburg with 1 titles.
Found 191 of the family de Normandie with 62 titles.
Found 346 of the family de Flandre with 66 titles.
Found 458 of the family de Hauteville with 76 titles.
Found 226 of the family Premyslid with 60 titles.
Found 162 of the family de Joigny with 19 titles.

I’m going to call that a victory for the Ynglings : A clear first both in numbers and titles. The de Flandres may be richer; the Premyslids rule more land through their vassals, the de Normandie lands are more easily defensible; the de Hautevilles have a more honourable reputation, and the Piasts are better at conjuring up foul demons to do their eviler deeds; but nobody matches the Ynglings for sheer numbers!

I will, indeed, continue the story into EU2, but not in the saga format – I feel I’ve about had my say with it, and anyway the EU2 engine doesn’t really lend itself to the very character-based approach. I’m having some thoughts about how I’m going to do it, but nothing is settled yet.


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