There Will Be War: 2nd Treaty of Lubeck

Gaining is one thing, keeping is another. The Bohemian player, hyme, attacked me at this point, his stated motive being boredom from not having been involved in any wars recently. I lost – with Georgia coming to my aid, not too badly – and gave back some of what I had just gained.

Treaty of Berwick

His Most Gracious Majesty, Folke I of Norway,

recognising the undue hardship imposed by the Treaty of York on the most illustrious de Lusignan dynasty, and desiring to do good in this world by relieving it, and also recognising the fact of Bohemian and Breton armed support for such relief, hereby proclaims, that the counties of Lothian, Carrick, Galloway, Berwick and Cumberland are released from the Norse Law, and are returned to the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Scotland and Ireland. We also express the hope and prayer that Alexander de Lusignan may have as much joy of these counties as We had. We acknowledge the receipt of the agreed compensation of 7500 ducats from the King of Italy, and wish him luck in extracting the said sum from the King of Bohemia. We rejoice at once again having peace between Norway and Brittany, Norway and Bohemia, and Georgia and Bohemia. Truly peace is a boon that all men should strive for, in aid of which, We feel that countries should pick on someone their own size, as being more likely to cause the restraint of fear to hold back the hot fires of aggression. We do not particularly rejoice at renewed peace between Norway and Scotland, but acknowledge its existence.

The actual Treaty was written in Latin and much more floridly ornate, after the fashion of the day. One cannot help but feel that the rough Norse draft above, preserved by some packrat clerk of the Chancellery, better expresses the feelings of Folke’s court.


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