There Will Be War: Treaty of Devon

Arabia (!) had ended up with some lands in England in the recent war. This came about thus: Arabia was a crusader kingdom established by force, and ruled by a de Hauteville king – a Norman. Independent counties in Deus Vult will sometimes pledge to more powerful rulers of their own free will, seeking protection. Usually they look for kings who are ‘naturally’ their overlords, that is, counties in England will look for the King of England. But if they have just rebelled from that king, they must look elsewhere, and then you can get odd results, because one of the strongest factors is culture. Rulers will pledge to kings of the same culture even if it means literally crossing Europe to swear fealty. We had a rule to avoid the more ridiculous manifestations of this, but in this case we fixed it simply by Norway buying some of the offending lands. Note the form treaty, invented (in our ingame narrative) by an overworked clerk at the Breton Chancellery.

Treaty of Devon

Know Ye All Men By What Follows


That the counties of: _________Cornwall, Devon, and Exeter__________,

the Dukes of _________N/A_________,

and the titles King of __________N/A__________

are hereby confirmed as _____Norwegian_____ possessions, now and forever, for the Kings of _____Norway_____ to rule and defend with the strength and wisdom granted them by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

These titles and lands are transferred from the Kings of _________Arabia______ for their own good reasons and considerations.


I can’t quite think of how to put this in-character, but in exchange for these lands, Norway agrees to run propaganda or piety campaigns for Arabia, at times of Arabia’s choosing, until a total of 9000 gold has been spent in this manner.


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