There Will Be War: Treaty of Edinburgh

I fought another brief war with Prussia, this time being forced to give up the title King of Denmark – as opposed to the lands, which he already had – and sign a non-aggression pact. I also signed one with the Roman Commonwealth, and began intriguing with them to crush the Holy Roman Empire. I also convinced Emperor Ike, our player for what was left of the Kingdom of England, that if he didn’t join me voluntarily he would be absorbed by force by someone else, who would be more able to restrain any independent thoughts he might have.

Treaty of Edinburgh

His Most Gracious Majesty, Magnus I Yngling, King of Norway and Sweden, the Wends and the Goths,

recognising the perilous position of the Kingdom of Scotland and Ireland with respect to the rapacious expansionism of the soi-disant Kingdom of England and its masters in the Holy Roman Empire,

and wishing to extend his protection over the de Lusignan dynasty in spite of all differences that have existed between the two realms in the past,

hereby proclaims, heralds, and makes known that:

I. William de Lusignan shall swear fealty to Magnus, giving over the crowns of Ireland and Scotland in token of good faith.
II. Magnus shall swear to protect and shelter William as a King ought to do for his subjects.
III. Magnus shall do his utmost to gain for William the Duke titles of Ireland and Scotland, to wit, Connacht, Argyll, Galloway, Moray, and The Isles. In earnest of this, William is granted the titles Duke of Norrland, Østlandet, Uppland, Slesvig and Trøndelag, to be returned whenever William shall have gained the Scottish and Irish titles.

OOC: Sorry ulmont, this one is going to be complicated. Goes as follows:

SCOT becomes LOTH.
Titles SCOT and IREL are transferred to Magnus, 1266170.
All Scottish Duke titles, CORN, CUMB, LEIN, LOTH, MEAT, MUNS, ARGY, GALL, MARA, WEIS, and CONN become vassals of NORW.
All county titles currently under SCOT become vassals of LOTH: C003, C004, C007, C010, C011, C012, C013, C015, C035, C039, C041, C042, C043, C044, C046, C047, C048, C049, C051 and C053.
Duke titles AKER, NORR, TRON, UPPL, and SVIG are transferred to William, 1276656.
FoCoG cost paid by Norway.


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