The Great Game: Reformation

The northern portion of Europe converts almost automatically in EU2 when the Reformation hits; since provinces with a religion different from your state religion have a much increased revolt risk and decreased tax rate, I followed suit. The Protestant religion also has a nice tax bonus relative to Catholicism – an attempt to model the famous Protestant Work Ethic, and also the rise to pwoer of the northern tier of Europe after the Reformation – and it is less destabilising to declare war on heretics, which is handy for an aggressive playing style.

Håkon, fifth of that Name, by the Grace of God and by the will of the Yngling Ting, King of Norway and Denmark, King of Sweden, the Wends and the Goths, Grand Duke of Finland, Czar of the Trans-Volga Rus, Protector of the German Volk, Admiral of the Ocean Sea, Duke of Gotland and Iceland, Prince of Lord Novgorod the Great, Count of Bergen, Akershus, and sundry other places, Defender of the Faith, hereby announces :

Primo. Due to the corruption and simony of the Papal Court, which has for long years been a stench in the nostrils of the Faithful; due to the arrogance, impiety, and venality of the man, Salvador, who pretends to the titles Bishop of Rome and Vicar of Christ, which authority he shamefully abuses; because these abuses, which We have long sought to correct by peaceful means, have continued and grown worse; and because We therefore see no further hope of reconciliation with the present Church; therefore, the Lutheran Evangelic religion shall henceforth be the official religion of the Greater Norwegian Realm. All who confess to that religion shall therefore be bound to bring their children up in the same. Jews and Jesuits remain unwelcome in the Realm.

Secundus. In order to protect the Protestant peoples of Hinterpommern and Germany, whose governments have shamefully oppressed their consciences, We hereby announce that a state of War exists between the Norwegian Realm and the state of Stettin; this War shall not end until adequate freedom of conscience exists for the German people.

Tertius. We hope to remain on cordial terms with Our most esteemed fellow Monarchs and Sovereigns; but We call upon them, as brothers in Christ, to search their consciences and rebel against the false Pope and the corrupt Church, that is the Whore of Babylon spoken of in Revelations.

Given this first day in 1523, by Our seal :

Norway Greater Arms


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