There Will Be War: Player Roster

At this point the Holy Roman Empire collapsed. The Bohemian player had been negotiating to switch sides to the Roman Commonwealth, and was found out; the Italian and formerly-Prussian, now-German (a newly-acquired title) players, annoyed, negotiated an end to the cold war by agreeing to give up land, taking compensation out of Bohemia’s domains. The Cold War thus ended in the Treaty of the Moon, and everyone joined the Roman Commonwealth, which was revamped from a defensive alliance to become a war-policing agency – we all agreed that limited wars were fine, but that we would all gather to stomp anyone who took too much land. Collective security at its finest! And somehow, with the end of the long confrontation between fixed alliance blocs, the world became a much more dangerous place…

The Treaty of the Moon (named for its really excessive size) gave me back southern Sweden. Unfortunately I had neglected to check the inheritance line for these provinces, and then I was absent for a session; when I returned, they had been inherited back to Germany! Hence the sobriquet I give to that king in this roster. It had been our custom for a while to keep a humorous roster like this one; unfortunately I did not think to save the earlier versions.

It just occurred to me that I ought to be preserving our player rosters for the future. Here is what I just updated to:

[list][*] King of Men: Haldor “the Zealot” Yngling, King of the Two Crowns, Ireland, Scotland, the Wends, the Goths, no longer any part of Denmark, and some of the Finns.
[*] Gollevainen: Mikula Rurikovich, Child-Fostering Tsar of all the Russias
[*] Anders: Bavor Premyslid, Worried King of Bohemia
[*] fasquardon: Hovhannes “the Grey” Bagratuni, Propheteocrat of United Georgia and Emperor of the Seljuk Turks
[*] Sid Meier : Urbano “the Monk” Diogenes, Ambitious Emperor of Byzantium
[*] carillon : Burchard Billung, Dishonestly Negotiating King of Germany
[*] ulmont : Amédée de Cornouaille, Globular King of Brittany and All the Spains
[*] Varyar : Kakhi von Zähringen, Usurping King of Italy
[*] The Conqueror : Richard de Hauteville, Norman in a Strange Land, King of Arabia
[*] Emperor Ike : Bohemond de Lusignan, Excommunicated Duke of Lothian, Self-styled Rightful King of Britannia.

Carillon responded to this:
Dishonestly Negotiating? How about “skillful diplomat”? Or even better, Change your title to King of Men: Haldor “the Zealot” Yngling, King of the Two Crowns, Ireland, Scotland, the Wends, the Goths, no longer any part of Denmark, and some of the Finns, a King who ought to check treaties before signing them.


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