There Will Be War: The Billung Vendetta

Today we had several incidents of interest, which I relate OOC for easier understanding of the IC explanation later. First, note that the major powers are colluding to keep the Pope homeless, by attacking and annexing him wherever he pops up. As it happens, my son Guttorm was an extremely pious sort, and managed to get elected Pope. Twice. Both times he was thrown out and had to return to my court. Shortly after the second time, I got – and unfortunately didn’t take a screenie of – the event “You are a vengeful person” for him. Indeed I am!

However, that was a minor incident. The major thing that happened in this session was the Poison War. That is to say, the vendetta between Yngling and Billung. Last session I had carefully arranged an inheritance of the Duchy of Lancaster, a German duke on the Baltic coast. Carillon paid to change its law to Salic, and I was out one inheritance. I retaliated by diligently searching the save for Billungs in courts with low Intrigue, and sent out my assassins – partly to kill Billungs, and partly in the hope of making Carillon do something ill-considered. Carillon, just as I had intended, paid me back in kind; I lost two excellent sons. Carillon, however, got his badboy up to the very edge of a Death Spiral, and then God delivered him into my hands! In particular, while his king was besieging the latest incarnation of the Pope, he got the event “Into the Breach”, and the King led the charge. And died. And his 3-year-old son with the 0 diplomacy and 0 prestige inherited. And all hell broke loose.

At the beginning of the session the Norwegian-German border lay north of Skåne, thus:

Border 1322

At the height of the rebellion, Germany looked like this:


And now, ten years later, we are negotiating whether the border will be on the Elbe or on Danevirke:

Elbe border

Note also how Prussia has grabbed some extra Baltic coastline. Truly, those assassins were worth every penny!



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2 responses to “There Will Be War: The Billung Vendetta

  1. carillon

    Yup, pretty much my worst session in CK. It was a total disaster.

  2. kingofmen

    Nu, but you got your revenge eventually, in the First Diaspora. And even now you occupy southern Sweden.

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