Nation Shall Rise Against Nation: Screenies

More filling in of cracks, this time from Nation Shall Rise Against Nation. We’re looking at the final wars of the second Yngling timeline, nuclear weapons free.

So I’m away this week and didn’t play, but here’s some screenies from the Oceania/EastAsia war of 1949.

First, the initial fighting in Finland. I must admit I was expecting success on this front, but the Shanxi proved too tough. It seems I organised my armies badly – not enough officers, so the 2-to-1 odds are not really working in my favour. Then, of course, although I’ve told the joke before, it’s no damn joke to try to push through that terrain in this weather.


Somewhat later, after the Shanxi counterattack:


Observe that a female general – one of the notorious “tough Yngling bitches” – has now taken command, and the battle is going much better for my side. However, we can clearly fight it out on this front all summer, and the whole year therewith; hence my brilliant plan:

Arkhangelsk Landing

The Arkhangelsk Landing! And indeed, it goes quite well for a while:

Arkhangelsk Advance

But alas. I’ve left it too late in the year. The Shanxi desperately move troops into my path, but the real killer is General Winter:

Arkhangelsk Snow

I’ll post nothing more from this front.

Golle’s comment, here, on the Quebecian strategy of distraction, is very apposite:

England 1949

but unfortunately Falador was also able to land in less well defended places. Here’s a tense moment during the Second Surge:

France 1950

You can’t see them, but my troops are just recently victorious in England, and I’m struggling to find a way through the Japanese blockade to get them across to France to repair the broken front. We eventually succeeded in stopping them, but only on the German border.

It’s not that I’m vindictive. But I admit I was a bit annoyed at this point. Hence I decided to try out the Big Effing Missiles that the Dovre Rocket Base had spent so many years developing – all in preparation for the eventual battle with the Moon-Georgians, of course, but meanwhile we have these war missiles.

Russia Before
Russia After

One-fourth of Russia’s industry suppressed; boo-yah! That’ll teach Ivan to put everything in One Big Factory; they’re perfect targets for One Big Missile.

Finally, a look at the German front, paying attention to both sides of a particular battle:

Lvov Japan
Lvov Germany

You’ll observe that the modifiers are not very different. It’s the damn mechs which are killing the German troops.


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