And Rumours of War: Screenies of the 2nd French War

Two screenies from the recent war. First, here is why Gunnar Magnusson gained such a reputation:

Gunnar Magnusson

Shock 5, you observe. This is pure luck, or else the RNG watching out or the Republic of Norway; my army tradition was around 5%. Unfortunately I did not think to get any screenies during the more intense battles further north, when comrade Magnusson was really showing his skill by destroying French armies outnumberng him about 5 to 3. It was rather amusing watching the casualty numbers: 1500/200, 1450/190, and so on. This artillery is just remnants. This also shows the losses of the first war with the French; that Norselaw border is a whole tier of provinces too far north. Nevertheless, notice that manpower number: My perennial weakness.

Next, the results of the war:

Norway 1603

Norway extends to the channel, and has prestige above -10 for the first time since the Diaspora.

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