The Great Game: End of the Victoria period

This seems to have got skipped in its proper sequence.

And, also as promised, screenies and the new save! Let’s first have a look at the world in 1936. We’ll start in the center, Europe!

Europe 1936

That’s Poland in red – together, we form the Axis. Norway is Fascist, which unfortunately gives me Quisling’s highly incompetent cabinet, but that can’t be helped. I do feel Haakon VII should not be head of state of a Fascist Norway, but oh well. Next up, North America, where I’ve been winning some wars lately:

North America 1936

Sea to shining sea! Pity I haven’t got a navy to protect my resource access from there; for some reason, my DNs converted to Great War battlecruisers, a more useless unit than which, it is hard to imagine.

South America 1936

Been winning wars here too.

Africa 1936

Africa. Kind of useless, honestly. Still, as you can see, Norway is quite a monster when it comes to getting hands on raw materials. Alas, that’s where the good news ends; our industry is utterly pathetic. One-third the IC of Belgium! The fact is as it always has been, there just aren’t enough Ynglings, and there’s a limit to how much good you can get out of conscript workers in a modern industry. This means that Norway has the combined problems of the historical Germany and Britain: It’s trying to hold down a fourth of the world’s area with maybe a tenth of the industry; and at the same time, it wants to conquer the rest of Europe.

Asia 1936

Australia 1936

Ye gods, would you look at that China! The one to watch, for sure.


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