And Rumours of War: Narragansett Campaign Screenshots

Screenshots of the land campaign in North America, and some graphics glitches.

Screenies were requested; here are some from the hard and unrelenting Narragansett campaign. First, note that there has already been six years of fighting here at this point, in which I learned the lesson that inf+art is deadly on defense at LT 59. Especially of course with a 4-6-2-1 leader. Conversely fasq learned not to venture out into scorched earth with big stacks. So it was a bit of a stalemate while I built artillery. Now, the counterattack:


I still get hammered by that deadly leader, but with liberal applications of sending in the next stack, I finally got them on the run:

Notice my manpower dropping to zero, though. Not a problem, really, since what remains is mopping up. Alas, it is at this point that France DOWs me and my armies run like scared little bunnies; there was no way for me to take on 80k fresh cavalry. Especially not with this leader:

This battle is being fought at a much later stage, when my stacks had recovered a bit and the 80k had split into multiple small sieging stacks. That, plus the entry of Italy, plus this battle, allowed me briefly to counterattack and punch the French back a bit. In the end however it proved impossible to kill his main stack, and his interior lines plus the slowness of art stacks – I should have split the art off once it became a cavalry campaign – allowed him to defeat Italy and me in detail. (That leader didn’t do him any harm, to be sure.) Meanwhile the Georgian infantry was quite calmly assaulting one province after another:

and when my armies were destroyed – yet again – I surrendered on terms.

Houston, we have a problem… Zombies have infested this AAR!


Send in the Army! Cleanse the world of these abominations, before they breed!

Ack. The zombies are damn tough. They won’t stay killed! Stay tuned…


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