The Great Game: The Polish Campaign

Of the Polish Campaign there is little to say. The warrior nation that had for fifteen years defied all of Europe at arms now faced only the backward eastern nation that it had soundly defeated in the previous war. The grim, veteran legions that had driven the Burgundians south from Narvik to the Fulda Gap took only a month to gather breath and draw in their regiments from the north German plain. Then they unleashed an offensive that in six months carried them from the Oder to the Vistula, and broke the fighting strength of the Polish nation in the process.

From Berserker to Battleship : Norway 1066-1920, Bergenhus University Press.


The starting lines:
Offensive begins

The Poles begin to feel the pressure:
Feeling nervous
Before this, they’d been trying to annex most of Africa. Speaking of Africa, the war there was absolutely vicious, having three sides to it : Polish regular troops, Yngling militia (ie partisans, which eventually built up to a strength of 40 thousand men), and native rebels.

Guerrilla war

Yngling troops reach the Pacific:
Pacific Victory!

A thin, red-and-white line:
April, 1876

The eventual line of occupation:
Line of Occupation

Notice the really vast number of Polish partisans – more partisans than regulars, by this point:
Polish partisans


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