The End Is Not Yet: 1836 Screenies

As promised, some pictures of the situation. As one might expect after 770 years of interference, it is not much like our timeline.

North America, split between the Norwegian Realm and the United States of Italian America, with the tiny exception of the Fortress City of Narragansett, nominally a Georgian enclave:

North America

Africa, completely dominated by the Republic of Transvaal:


Europe. The red border in England marks the extent of the Norse Law, colonised by settlers from Norway in medieval times and ruled by the Norselaw Assembly at York. The southern part of England, usually referred to as England-south-of-Thames, is French, English, and largely Catholic. The black border in Ireland marks the northern limit of the Norwegian settlement there; the Celto-Norse areas are administratively separate from the Norselaw proper, being under the authority of the Dublin Ting.


The Middle East, and the enormous Georgian empire, larger than Alexander’s:

Middle East

East Asia, where the Dragon Throne broods over the recent unequal treaties.


Oceania. In the sixteenth century, Georgian settlers took advantage of their more advanced seagoing technology to leapfrog the Malaccans and colonise Australia; it remains to be seen whether they can maintain their outposts.


The Norwegian political situation:

Norwegian politics

Some statistics, sorted by population:

National statistics


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