The End Is Not Yet: Infrastructure development

A brief break from the exciting world of diplomacy to consider the industrial underpinnings of military strength – the ultimate source of all big sticks, whether or not one speaks softly. Here is the infrastructural development of North America in 1847:

Infrastructure, NA 1847

Europe, a year later:

Infrastructure, Europe 1848

And Asia, for comparison:


The contrast between the northern and southern parts of America is, I feel, particularly instructive.

A response from a reader, and explanation of my strategy:

Is it just me KoM or are you aeons ahead of everyone else in rail roads, except Malacca, and maybe Italy? :oo

The railroads on the Po plain are actually on French territory; we don’t have an Italy as such, we have the Stati Uniti Italiano d’America, the United Italian States of America, and they only own Venice for old times’ sake.

To answer your question, I’m not as far ahead as it looks, but it sure does look good, doesn’t it? 😀 The reason is that all my widespread railroads are level-1, while some of more localised development in other nations are level-2 and even a few level-3. I’ve noticed that cappies like to build continental possessions – North America in my case – up to the max before they start in on anything else. Since for me, “anything else” includes the British Isles with their huge coal and iron deposits and large (by Norwegian standards) population, I would really like them to be built up quickly. So I’m refraining from getting level-2 railroad tech until the cappies have got their act together in Britain and built level-1 railroads everywhere. It’s a workaround for the fact that my cappies, bless their little algorithmic brains, prefer to build railroads in North Dakota, population 20k and two horses, before getting around to London. I kid you not, I saw this happen.


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