The Great Game: Situation 1910



Europe 1910

Africa. Imperialist wars have left me in control of a largish chunk of useless land, but at least the borders look nice. Unfortunately the Spanish AI absolutely refuses to do reasonable deal on the colonial claims, even when we’d each get one state and I’ve bribed them up to 200 relations.

Africa 1910

Asia. A very small Norwegian imperial presence, chiefly for the oil. China is looking extremely threatening.

Asia 1910

North America. If we count the Tributary Republic of Poland, the Norwegian empire stretches from sea to shining sea; it is also rather larger than it used to be, since the AI doesn’t use its sea supremacy properly.

North America 1910

South America. Similar comments apply.

South America 1910

National rankings. I only barely squeak in as a Great Power, but my relative industrial position has improved a lot in recent years, due to the rapid and wide-scale conscription of Germans, Russians, and Balts to work in my factories.

National rankings 1910

Note the vast population of China; a weakness of Vicky, perhaps, in that even without the losses of the Boxer rebellion this is surely rather unrealistic. Note also my very low population density; with three-fourths the population of Italy, I have twice their provinces. Again, with 50% more provinces than China, I have only 30% of their population. Also note my low degree of industrialisation and high degree of militarisation compared to, say, Belgium, with its very comparable population. These are the disadvantages of a small but imperialistic state: The need to compete militarily with larger economies leads to a more complete redistribution of resources into the military, which in turn detracts from investment into a larger economy – and so the cycle continues. With Norway, it’s been going on at least since 1419 – CK doesn’t really have much of an economy, certainly not to the extent that the player makes choices of where to invest – and it shows. It may also be worth pointing out that the raw statistics on number of divisions are a little misleading, since most of mine are artillery or tank divisions (the only ones in the world as far as I know) with correspondingly greater upkeep costs and efficiency; also, I have a really large mob pool, bigger than China’s, even. It remains to be seen whether this will let me conquer the world in HoI.

Comparisons 1910


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