The End Is Not Yet: The Chinese War

Time for some images of the war. We’ll start with China’s prewar situation:

China 1858

Rebels everywhere! This is, in fact, what prompted us to attack at that point. Such an opportunity!

Next up, the initial naval battles, China attempting to defend its coastline:


Futile; notice the vast Italian fleet coming to my aid. We were able to land at Jinan in short order:

Landing at Jinan

Most of the fighting (at least for the three out-of-area powers, Norway, Germany, and Italy) was along the coast, where naval superiority was the next best thing to decisive:

Shore Bombardments

Still, the Chinese armies are vast, and not to be counted out quickly. Here the Norwegian regulars – not the pagan elite regiments recruited in Scandinavia, but the ordinary regular infantry of Britain and America – fight a desperate delaying action to prevent those half-a-million Chinese from reinforcing their comrades at Tianjin.

Delay at Jinan

The casualties in this action were very heavy.

Unrelenting Chinese pressure eventually forced the expeditionary forces along the coast to retreat to a mountain stronghold at Tangshan, where we held off vast human-wave attacks by the desperate Chinese. Outnumbered nearly two to one, the coalition troops stood with their backs to the sea; there could have been no evacuation for so many. (Although, to be honest, I did have the ships to bring the Norwegian troops out, and my finger on the button.) In a glorious defensive victory, the Chinese were driven back to their starting lines.

Mountain Stronghold

And the sacrifice was well worth it. The Chinese strategy had been to use their interior lines to crush one invading force before turning against the Georgian steamroller coming from the west; that had failed due to the stubborn courage of the coalition troops, and the strategic advantage of interior lines now turns to the tactical disadvantage of being surrounded. The armies of the West march to our aid!

Armies of the West



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  1. What is this game and how do I buy it? It looks /fantastic/.

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