The End Is Not Yet: 1880 Maps

Maps, ok. First North America:

North America, 1880

Fully colonised, we’re just waiting for the prestige events from Nationalism and Imperialism – at least that’s why I’m waiting. Once that hits, there’s a partition plan – I get most of the land, Varyar gets most of the prestige.

South America:

South America, 1880

Varyar’s in no hurry here, obviously.


Africa, 1880

Probably being delayed by life-rating issues?


Australia, 1880

Split between Georgia and Malacca. Japan was there before, but seems to have been persuaded to go elsewhere.

So that’s the colonisation, now the war! Here’s Europe:

Europe, 1880

Notice the Norwegian landings along the Baltic coast of Finland, where I’m rapidly defeating most of the Finnish regular army. A closer look at some of the previous fighting:

Luleaa fighting

So, three Norwegian divisions, twenty Finnish divisions; a month later:

Luleaa further fighting

50% Finnish casualties, 10% Norwegian casualties, while outnumbered 6 to 1! It’s no joke to fight in Norway in winter! Then, too, mountain/forest provinces with level-2 forts, troops with dug-in level of 60, and heavy shore bombardments; and I also have much superior army techs. In short, just about everything that possibly can go wrong for the Finns, has indeed gone wrong, and the Ynglinga Hird is showing them the meaning of modern war. The agreed-upon peace, however, is lenient so that I can go after China; only the cession of Mariehamn – the islands between Sweden and Finland.

Finally, the fighting front in China:

China 1880

The stacks vary in size between 10 and 20 divisions. The Georgian attack seems to have bogged down, but the French are still gathering steam with little to oppose them.


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