The End Is Not Yet: Mei Xian in the Second Chinese War

As requested, the literacy plot:

Literacy, 1886

The main point of interest is Finland. Everyone else appears to be funding education as much as possible, with some exceptions for wars.

As for screenies of Chinese human-wave attacks, I’ve got plenty. These battles of Mei Xian were fought from March 1882 to March 1885, almost the entire duration of the war. During that time the Chinese war exhaustion rose from 30 to 60 percent. Pay particular attention to the last two, taken two weeks apart during the same battle. In a tactical sense these enormous collisions of masses of maneouvre accomplished nothing: In 1885 the coalition forces were just as firmly lodged in their beachhead as three years earlier. But strategically they achieved their purpose of locking down the coalition forces, keeping them in place and attriting, not the expeditionary forces, but the will to fight of the coalition governments. Any time we tried to move out of Mei Xian, those hundred divisions would come down like the hammer of God and force us right back.

Mei Xian 1
Mei Xian 2
Mei Xian 3
Mei Xian 4
Mei Xian 5
Mei Xian 6
Mei Xian 7


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