The Great Game: Hearts of Iron Begins

The HoI section of the Great Game was where the Ynglings really acquired their reputation for treachery. Because we had trouble finding players, we had a good mix of to-the-death human/AI fights and diplomatically resolved human/human fights, making a dramatic end to our world history.

The Great Game nears its end. Long centuries of conquest have brought no peace to Europe, nor has the power of coal and steam chastened its rulers’ will to power. Now a new turn of the cycle brings renewed hope of swift victories and glittering triumph. Across the world mobs shout for blood, and cool-headed staffs confer over maps. Our history is an engine; hatred is its fuel, and the blood-darkened stacks spew out shattered lives for their smoke. But the engine of war cares nothing for that; nothing can halt its course, shaped by a millennium’s battles – nothing except final Victory.

The players:

The Kingdom of Burgundy (Belgium), the greatest industrial power in the world.
The Republic of Spain, master of South America and Africa.
The Byzantine Empire, still maintaining its ancient right to rule all the world; for are they not Romans?

Yngling Norway, a dark kingdom beset by the military pride of its ruling caste, who claim descent from the hero-King Olaf and through him from the gods themselves. Trained from birth to a warrior ethos, this republic of freemen enforces in America and Russia a tyranny worse than any previously seen.
The Tributary Republic of Poland, Norway’s former foe and now a restive vassal-ally, whose Governor sits uneasy on a throne supported only by the bayonets of Russians and Ukrainians.

The People’s Republic of Greater China, a vast dragon rising from centuries of humiliation at Western hands, bestriding Asia from Vietnam to the frozen north. Within its borders are contained a third of the world’s people, industrious, hardworking, and determined to avenge their country’s long night and restore the Middle Kingdom to its proper position.

Neutral powers:
Great Britain, mistress of the Ocean Sea, Empress of India, her mighty navy the balance among the Powers of Europe.
The Kingdom of Italy, once the leader of Europe in crusade and trade alike, but now a mere shadow of its former self, stripped of colonies and influence.
Hungary-Persia, stretching from the Danube to the Oxus, the conqueror of Turk and Mongol.

The stage is set; let the Great Game continue!

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