The Great Game: Compromise Peace

At this point the chronology of my story appears to break down a bit. These blog posts are harvested from ancient forum threads, and for some period there seems to be no narrative, but only various peace demands, which are – somewhat confusing. First, here is the Compromise Peace of 1941, after the war in which the Malmø Rising and then England’s entry saved me from annexation. Probably this should have been posted before the “Eagle Falls” entry.

Screenie of Europe after the recent peace treaties:

Europe, May 1941

The major changes are Greek gains in the Caucasus and losses in Italy and the Balkans, also the large green blob is Ukraine, a Greek vassal. Norway annexes a reasonable chunk of northern Germany and a bit of Brazil, and breathes a sigh of relief at getting out of that war without massive concessions. Well, ok, we gave up large chunks of Polish land, but they were taken from the Persians in the first place, and stolen goods are never sold at a loss, as the saying goes. Besides, the Poles were in no position to squeal, they’ll be happy to retain their bare independence. Poland is not yet dead.


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