The Great Game: Finding the Kidney

A bald and purely out-of-character narrative, responding to reader queries – apparently I had been slacking off on the AARs, which explains why there’s this gap between 1942 and 1949, so this is a welcome summary of what’s going on. This endgame bit is where I acquired my reputation as the Resident Opportunist of the megacampaigns. It’s not actually my fault, I am living with Chronic Backstabbing Disorder.

China drove Belgium out of Turkey and annexed it, then the Balkan front seemed to stabilise. China then nuked London in retaliation for the annexation of Shanghai five centuries ago. Norway took this as a really splendid pretext for declaring the war intended to settle the matter of hegemony in Eurasia once and for all. (And besides, Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.) Sid had apparently taken no precautions to guard against my treachery, and quit the game. So, we haven’t won, precisely, as there are still things China and Belgium can do to shift the balance of power; but certainly we are in a rather good position, with 250 Norwegian divisions ready to slash into China’s undefended northern border. Still and all, it’s a long way to Beijing. Were I Sid, I would spam militia and vanilla inf, and start flinging nukes about with abandon, while patching up a peace with Belgium – even giving up a lot of gains, if necessary – and strat-redeploying to Indochina or so. (And, were I Belgium, I would agree to a white peace, or some African gains for England, and take the opportunity to repay Norway for the little matter of that stab last year. But don’t tell Dano. šŸ˜‰ ) I think the Axis position is good, but not yet overwhelming – something like Belgium’s in 1947, and we know what happened to them. We might have to use the NTL mod yet.

(A reader asked for a summary of previous events)

Certainly. Around March of 1948, the Comintern declared war on the Allies. Before this war, Norway had given both sides assurances of support; as it happens I was more scared of Belgium, so around May I came in on the Comintern side. (Stab number 1.) Since he had moved a lot of troops south to deal with invasions in Italy, the Middle East, and France, and since he also had a lot of the vim and vigour nuked out of him, the Ynglinga Hird had an easy time of it. The Panzers were maybe a week outside of Brussels when Belgium asked for terms; meanwhile Poland had run rampant over Romania and was charging through Turkey. However, he’d had considerably more success on the southern front, driving the Chinese out of Italy and cutting deep into Spain. Also, I had lost big time in North America, where I had not expected that England would commit major forces. To be sure, a human would likely have tried shoring up the defense of Germany, instead, which would have made my life a lot harder. At any rate, the peace treaty was quite harsh, but left China and Spain in the lurch – they were losing, or at least being stalemated, on every European front, and getting hammered by England in the colonies. (Stab number 2.)

So, that’s where matters stood at the beginning of 1949. The war between the Comintern and the Allies dragged on for a while, with Belgium slowly getting pushed out of what was left of Turkey. Then in early April, China nuked London, as retaliation for an insult five hundred years earlier. Since, as it happens, that was also the time when I’d gotten my army in Siberia organised, I took it as my cue for an attack. So the Norwegian DOW to China was delivered on April 9th. Stab number 3, yer out!

I made this propaganda poster for Belgium a while ago, but haven’t had any suitable opportunity to use it, so I’ll just post it now.


I made one for Norway too, but it seems to have disappeared into the depths of my hard drive. šŸ˜¦


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