The Great Game: The Bitter Peace

(Gathering together several posts that together tell a story)

It must be admitted that the military situation has developed in a way not necessarily to the advantage of the Ynglinga Rike.


The war to end all wars is finally over.
Alright I have taken the save and made a backup save and promptly within single player began edited the map via acceptall + peace deals.

Let us start off with Europe:


Here’s the principal details: All of Norwegian held, and Polish occupied Russian European provinces and the central asian ones are to be ceded away to create a left wing Radical “Russia” with a warm water port in Kaliningrad.

Basically since in the 1300-1500’s Poland, Hungary and Norway had all partitioned up the Russian Principalities and as a result 600 years of Polish domination and oppression the Russian peoples had been wanting to rid themselves of the Polish menace for years with this nationalist movement gaining strength in the 1850’s onwards with the onset of nationalism. So it makes perfect sense that on one hand avenge ourselves for Polish flip flopping in the war to reduce them to their ethnic lands and expel polish aristocrats and bourgeoisie in the meantime.

All of the Baltic states provinces give or take from Poland will go to Norway and Iceland if Spain agrees, to lessen the blow to Norway partly to lessen feelings of defeat and to compensate for losses of lands elsewhere in Europe.

Norway, via edit, will also grant the independence of Finland with the Finnish government in Exile taking its rightful place in leading the Finnish peoples to Communism, Finland is to be made a part of the Comintern and given a Left Wing Radical government.

Norway-Burgundian borders are to be returned to the status quo ante, as Burgundy at this point is too exhausted from these wars and financially drained to occupy additional territories and Spanish and Chinese suspicions of Burgundy’s intentions forces them to accept much less then they have earned.

The Alpine provinces are to be given from Burgundy to Italy as a “gift of goodwill”.

The islands of Malta, Corsica, Sicily, and Sardinia with Spanish permission are to also be given as a gift to Italy for their bravery and cooperative spirit in supplying Chinese troops on the Rhine.

As we can also see in the map i choose to take a sledge hammer to the Balkans, Balkanization ftw. Basically, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Hungary and Romania are to be all given their respective independent states to reflect the Burgundian desperation in the defensive vs Poland and Norway that as such they agreed to each ethnic elite circles and banking interests and with Chinese/Spanish pressure agreed to grant their independence in exchange for security guarantees and military access through them. As Burgundy had 20+ RR in alot of those provinces it makes since that they would rather lose the Balkans then lose the war.

China will cede Bulgaria, Thrace, and their occupation zone of Anatolia + occupied Mediterranean islands to Greece in the desire to once more see their Greek friends who had been betrayed by their Burgundian allies in the previous war and overrun despite brave and stubborn resistance. With Spanish permission their occupation zone of Anatolia and the provinces of Palistine, Syria, the Sinai peninsula and Jordan (minus Suez) will also be ceded to Greece if Spain agrees.

(Unfortunately this image seems lost in the mists of time.)

The African borders will be returned to their Status Quo Ante.

South America

Central America will be consolidated under the Spanish Commonwealth.

*note all English occupied provs of nations they’re not at war with needs to be fixed.

North America

The Native Americans and immigrant settlers will form a coalition government to lead the nation of “California” for their aid against the Yngling imperialists and in recognition for the decades spent under occupation.

The midlands and New Mexico are to be under English occupation as a buffer zone to protect the Native American nation from any possible harassment.

The area known as “Texas” plus the state of Oklahoma will be merged back to the Burgundian possession of Houston.

Past that all provinces in the inner midlands, Great Lake States, the Southern States, New England, Florida will be returned to Yngling administration and authority.

The island of Puerto Rico will be transfered to England but Jamaica via plebiscite has agreed to stay with Norway.

England will in recognition of the determination and bravery of its Canadian citizenry grant the Dominion of Canada nominal independence as a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

East Asia 1

As we can see here the Siberian corridor will be extended by 4 provinces but I believe instead I shall cede them to Russia.

East Asia 2

My nation is so big that I need 2 pictures to capture it all

Basically that island part of Indonesia there will be transfered to the Universal People’s Republic, while the islands of Andaman and Nicothingy will be ceded to India.

Also I wish for all of the Balkan states to be given left wing radical/Stalinist governments as you believe is role playing wise justified, now here’s the next bit, I propose that Russia, the expanded Greece, and the remaining Balkan nations be all allied to form a sorta of “League of non Aligned Socialist Nations”.

Also Poland is to be made a Yngling satellite nation, and you can make Hungary I think an ally as they used to be your allies.

I’ll post screenshots of the war soonish.

I responded:

Hang on, since when are you negotiating on behalf of the Belgians and British? They can get their own dang peace treaties.

As for what you are suggesting on the dismemberment of Poland, no way. You’re talking about 90% of its land area! Before that happens I’ll sign over all of Germany and America to Belgium and join them as a vassal nation in a crusade to throw China out of Europe. You have not won anything like as big as this.

My counterproposal: Poland to cede its lands east of the Volga, and Norway the lands east of that lake around Moscow, for China to do whatever it likes with – there’s a Trans-Ural Republic you could create, or you could make Kazakhstan larger. Greece and the Balkans to be freed as you have suggested, after Polish troops liberate the area from Belgian occupiers. You can have Baku and the oil fields. Norway to have a free hand in prosecuting its war with Belgium. Norwegian Africa to Spain. Norway to deliver 10000 energy, 10000 metal, and 10000 rares to China immediately, with continuing deliveries of 50 energy daily.

Let us note, you are talking about lands that have been under Norwegian and Polish sovereignty for hundreds of years!

Gollevainen (playing Spain):


The brave and yet determened operation in scandinavia have ended to triumph as the nearly 70 divisions marched to Cobenhagen. Warn-torn but tough infantry units which have fought in the deserts of Africa, jungles of Brazil and now in the woods of the north. No obstacles seems to be hard enough to keep the wild spaniards in liege.
The occupation of Madrid and the breakdown of the Pyreneid front is finally compensated and the Ynlings are beaten!!

Repuplican Spain wishes to send a small, severe but still friendly note to the People’s Repuplic of China that once again the later is bit too eager to give away Spanish imperium in trade for its own goals. May it be noted that no areas belonged to the Repuplican Spain prior the invasion of Scandinavia will be given away. Those areas like Iceland, The Meditireinian ilands, Byzantium, the Holy land and all of South america and Africa is seen as unquestionable parts of the Repuplic and are defended as such.

So to the upcomming peacedeal the Spanish demands are these: Free Finland, as it’s working class long and bitter struggle against the imperialistic opression of Ynglings must end. All Norweigian territories in Africa and South America is to be given to Spain. As for free Italy and Greece, Spain has no demands other than It wont give its Turkish territoties away nor any middle east holdings. Greece can be made from the areas belonging to China at the moment. As for the polish and Russian issues is considered, Repuplican Spain has no passion towards them so we leave the issue between the Ynglings and Beijing.
The other demands are however un-negotionable and if they are not agreed, The Scandinavian operation may as well continue and the precence of Ynglings as a politcal force in Europe may well cease to exist.

Me again:

Norway is prepared to recognise Spain’s effective occupation of Africa and South America; the Ynglings are not given to claiming what they cannot hold. A free Finland can be arranged; a question here is whether this Finnish state would be in alliance with Norway, as the large Yngling population there must certainly prefer, or be subject to an unnatural Communist regime, which would have to be supported by foreign bayonets. Let us note that Finland has been under Norwegian authority since 1220 or so, with extensive Yngling settlement.

As for the threats that “The presence of the Ynglings as a political force in Europe may cease to exist”, that is precisely the effect the Chinese demands would have. The Spanish demands are not unreasonable after a victorious campaign; the Ynglings are prepared to recognise when an opponent has just plain got superior numbers on his side, and adjust borders accordingly. But we are not prepared to betray our Polish allies. The Chinese demands are not a readjustment of outstanding issues balanced to the real strength of the parties; they are a demand for total hegemony and the reduction of Norway to a power of the third rank; and what is worse, they would besmirch, indeed destroy, the honour of the Ynglings. Every Yngling will fight to the death before accepting such a peace.

I am not posturing for effect, here; I will fight to the end rather than accept this Russian construction.


Basically both Russia and Poland are a little smaller but Poland now has much more of its territory.

Finland is to be made a member of the Comintern, but we will agree to not position any nuclear weapons or more then 10 divisions in Finland.

The remainder of “modern day” mexico to Gollevainen and africa me thinks. Gollevainen has agreed with the recreation of greece with the Spanish lands in Turkey/Anatolia.

I also still insist that the the indepdent Balkan nations be created now rather then later this is something that I think I would have forced on a Burgundy player as a result of us winning.

I think all of the rest of the world maps still apply, although I’ll instead request that the states of Oregon, and California be transfered pver to China, the remainder can remain Norweigian inorder to better compensate for a smaller but not as small as before Poland.

Also your request to continue the war against Burgundy can you do so without Poland aiding you? or at least agree that a significant portion of Poland’s armies demobilized.


Well… This is a little more acceptable, leaving Norway and Poland as viable European powers, at least. What is the significance of the dotted blue line you’ve drawn a little east of your proposed Russian-Polish border? It looks to me like a much better border than the one your are suggesting in red.

As for demobbing a large part Polish armies, I can agree to that; your proposed peace will in any case leave them without the industrial base they need.

About the Balkans: Let me again remind you that, as we have no Belgian player, this settlement will have to be forced on the AI. I suggest, therefore, that the Norwegian-Burgundian war continues, and in the peace treaty, we will Balkanise the area as you suggest, and permit China to install Communist governments. (Ie, Norway and Poland will conquer the area, hand over to China, and China can release the satellites.) You should note that if Belgium releases the area, they’ll get democratic and not Communist governments.

Blayne, setting out the final agreement:

The Treaty of Madrid is as follows:

-The cessation of Hostilities between the Parties of the Communist International and of the Axis Powers.

-By agreement of the representatives of the Yngling Hird and of the Polish Empire the following territories shall be transfered and the following nation-states shall be created.

–The lands belonging historically to Muscovy, the former Ukraine, the caucasus region, the steppes, and all lands east of the volga under polish control shall be used to form the nation of “Russia” to be government by a provisional government of Leninists and made a member of the Comintern.

–The former Duchy of Finland to be granted its independence, to be government by Left winged radicals and aligned with the Comintern, the Comintern as such agrees to station no more then 100,000 troops and promises that no nuclear weapons will be stationed in Finland.

–Poland is to demobilize the majority of its military forces, it may have the minimum required to defend itself and to partake in limited supporting actions against Burgundy.

–The Ynglings are to surrender their Pacific holdings to China, and their Indian ocean holdings to India. Their African Holdings to Spain, and the remainder of northern Mexico to Spain.

–Poland is to surrender its occupation-zone in northern Anatolia to the restored Byzantine Republic, the Chinese liberated lands are also to be returned to Byzantium, Byzantium’s capitol shall also be restored to Constantinople. (OOC do this irregardless of the Burgundy situation to be hell of alot more convenient for us)

–The Independence of Byzantium, Italy, Slovenia and Finland are to be recognized and guaranteed.

–Rather then moving the Sino-Yngling border once again to encompass the Urals that land shall be transfered to Muscovy.

— War reparations of to be delivered 10000 energy, 10000 metal, and 10000 rares to China immediately, with continuing deliveries of 50 energy daily. (Negotiable if there’s severe economic shortages.

—– Secret Clauses —–

-China and the Comintern to allow the Hird and the weakened Poland a free hand against Burgundy.

-The Hird and Poland to transfer over the territories occupied in the Balkans as soon as possible to the Comintern as Mandates as they are to be released as independent nations as shown on the map. (OOC: The lands owned by Poland like Romania and Bulgaria (to go to greece), and Hungary should be edited over right away since Poland “owns” those including the lands owned by Poland but occupied by Burgundy for convenience) and to recognize the independence of the nations created as such.

This concludes the Treaty of Madrid.


Premier Zhou Enlai

Awaiting Spain’s and the Hird’s signatures.

Also if Spain is willing to cede Sicily and Sardinia to Italy please post so here.

Notice that Blayne tried to make Russia part of the Comintern instead of a neutral buffer? So did I. The peace treaty had it as originally agreed.

(In response to a comment that Poland got screwed)

Poland is suffering from a fantastic amount of overstretch; it has been bled totally dry. It has no manpower left, no supplies, no oil, and is trying to support an army of 400 divisions of which 60 (!) are armoured. Its dissent is 30%. These days I think very carefully before ordering Polish troops to attack, because the casualties cannot quickly be made good. I’ve been reduced to giving the Poles militia divisions as gifts and disbanding them in Poland, just for the two or three manpower this releases! Not that the militia is good for anything else – I built it to try to hold back the Spanish campaign in Scandinavia, and it failed miserably at that, never mind trying to go on the offensive against regular Belgian divisions – but still, as a way of supporting an ally, it is remarkably inefficient.


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