The Great Game: Overview 1950

A brief overview of the course of the wars.

Can somebody give some sort of brief overview on the history in HOI and what the current situation is?

Well, it’s complicated. Let’s see. In 1936 there were these major powers:


and some second-tier ones:


Hungary was destroyed in the opening moves, and Italy was absorbed into Burgundy. Then in 1938 Burgundy attacked Norway while I was in the process of getting out of the British doctrine path and into the German; that hurt badly. British intervention at the last minute kept them out of Bergen, however, and we swept them back into Europe and grabbed a number of Rhine provinces, incidentally backstabbing the Chinese and Greeks (who had initially joined the Burgundians, but changed sides when we bribed them with the Ukraine) in the process. The Burgundians then turned all their forces south, and in the peace treaty they took those parts of Italy that the Greeks had got in the initial partition. That brings us to 1941, and this screenie:

Europe 1941

We then had skirmishes and minor wars, until the next Big One broke out in late 1942; by this time my tanks had much better doctrines and were able to smash through Burgundian fortifications, but unfortunately they got cut off in central Germany. So we rolled back the German border changes and made some adjustments in America because the Belgian player was worried about China. We then ganged up on the Comintern. Burgundian forces rolled through the Balkans in half a year; Poland retook the Ukraine, Spain left the Allies and joined the Comintern; the war ended with Greece annexed and large Norwegian-Polish gains in Siberia. That takes us to here:

Middle East 1946

Europe 1946

Another Big One broke out in 1948. This is complicated: I had negotiated with China to aid the Comintern against the Allies; I had also negotiated with the Allies to aid them against the Comintern. When the war broke out I attacked the Allies, which put me outside of Brussels within two weeks. I then peaced out for lrage chunks of America (oil! Lovely oil!) and Germany, like so:

Texas to Norway
The border in Germany moves to the Rhine
Romania to Poland
Turkey to Poland
France becomes a Norwegian vassal
Greece becomes a Norwegian vassal (Wonder if Skarion wants to come back?)
Italy is freed
Belgium has a free hand to war on China.

which left China and Spain to face 500 divisions all on their ownsome. My heart bled. Unfortunately, England then proceeded to occupy all my American gains; what with their 800 battleships, there wasn’t any way for me to reinforce across the Atlantic. So I moved my divisions to Siberia for attack on China; and when that attack went in, the Burgundians finally managed to stab me effectively. The Poles flip-flopped, going back and forth between alliances in a month; I smashed the Burgundians in Germany until the Chinese and Spaniards landed in Norway; Nuremberg got nuked; the Bitter Peace from a few pages back was signed; and now Burgundy is reduced to 50 holdout divisions in Serbia.

A comment from the peanut gallery:

Leviathan: Harry Turtledove should write a novel about this world
I’m already looking forward to the scene where the Chinese Politkommisar has passionate sex with the big-breasted Yngling lieutenant, during the battle for Bergen, in a foxhole



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4 responses to “The Great Game: Overview 1950

  1. Have you ever played “Victoria: An Empire Under The Sun”, Mr Andreassen?

  2. kingofmen

    Perhaps you should read some of the archives.

  3. My apologies for the sloppy research. After looking around this site, all I can say is: What a fascinating project and keep up the good work!

    • kingofmen

      Thank you kindly. My current game is approaching the end of Victoria and reaching for HoI, and plans for the next one, which will use the much-improved Crusader Kings 2, are already underway. 🙂

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