The Great Game: More screenies of the Final War

After the Bitter Peace, the war reduced itself to a mopping-up campaign against Burgundy. This is HoI war-modelling at its gritty best: A desperate broken-backed struggle between empires already exhausted by their efforts, but unwilling to yield.

Let’s have some screenies!

The Chinese attack in Southern Europe:

Chinese attack

Leading to this situation, which finally convinced me to surrender. You should note the utter exhaustion of my troops, here – even with the Chinese surrounded and out of supply, I am making no headway against that many tanks. And the blue in this picture, at this point, is basically the entire Yngling Realm.

Final attack

Still, with China and Spain off my back, our fortunes against the Burgundians revive. We’ve been pushed back to the starting lines in Germany:


(The Belgian presence in Poland is a mere one or two raiding divisions slipped in from the Baltic, to be mopped up when I catch them), but in the Balkans we stand fairly close to the Adriatic:


So, once we’ve caught our breath, time to attack!

Germany 2

With Kassel in Norwegian hands, a drive towards the coast along the right bank of the Rhine:

Germany 3

With attendant counterattacks. I lost track of how many times the Heap of Rubble Fomerly Known As Dortmund changed hands.

Germany 4

(Ominous tones) Eindhoven… Bonus points for spotting the reference.


I crossed the Rhine several times before I could make it stick. Here, still another bridgehead is beaten back. I’ll say this for the Burgundians, they don’t give up for shit.

Rhine crossing

Still, they cannot be strong everywhere. Attacks in the south force them to pull troops from the coast to plug the gap:

Germany 6

With disastrous results!

Germany 7

Meanwhile, the Poles have made no inch of headway – indeed, they stand on basically that line for half a year. Don’t get the impression they’re not fighting, though; plenty of fighting going on. It’s just that neither side can move the line so it sticks, although every province changes hands multiple times. To be sure, the Poles at this point are depending on monthly doses of Norwegian supplies and oil, and are completely out of manpower. Norway, in turn, is subsisting on the oil we get from capturing successive Burgundian capitals. Otherwise the tanks would have been reduced to bunker positions by early June.

Balkans 2

Balkans 3

But no matter, from here it’s all my way in Germany:


And at last, the sea:

Overview 2

Which frees up enough good Yngling troops that the stubborn Balkan defense finally collapses, and only a few holdouts are left:

Last Stand

Remarkably stubborn holdouts, though, what with mountains and still being in supply. At one point I considered nuclear weaponry to dig them out of there. Let nobody say that the Ynglings are ungenerous. We offer terms of surrender to brave men.


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