The Great Game: Uncanonical Extra

We agreed among us that the Bitter Peace was the canonical end of our future history; but we were curious to see what would happen on a fully nuclear battlefield in Hearts of Iron. It turned out to be rather ugly.

Blayne said:

And so it is, and so it was, and ever will be.

The Great Game has finished, the forces of reaction defeated, the Communist International victorious, the Balkans liberated.

We had a session where “nothing mattered” The Comintern attacked The British Empire with the aims of liberating Japan, (which was a success, PLA Marines ftw).

But The treacherous Ynglings had attmepted to backstab us yet again, while Spain did not think it would happen I as China took steps in preparations, obtaining intel on major Polish and Norweigian positions and using ICBMs to obliterate major identified enemy troops concentrations and major logistical centers.

The war was fought 0n a scale beyond anything seen before on far many more fronts and seemingly less results.

Basically to quote King of Men: “I’m winning everywhere you are not nuking me”.

Which was only Finland

The war was fought in the air, on the high seas and primarily on the ground. The air war being my strategic nuclear compaign and some air to air skirmishing as I don’t think either side had the time to rebuild our shattered airforces after the last war.

The naval war saw some Comintern setbacks in the Baltic and some convoys were intercepted, but all and all the invasion of Japan operation Kamekazi was a complete success with only minor setbacks, the invasion of the islands of Kyushu, Hakkaido, and Shikoku were completely successful, the ampibious invasion of Honshu was repulsed at first and a flanking maneuevr and a combined assualt by PLA held Hakkaido and Iwate were successful in driving the British defenders from the coast and into the plains of Tokyo.

Landings in southern Honshu from kyushu and Shikaku were successful and in a mighty pincer movement the Japanese home islands were freed from British Imperialism.

The secondary goals of the Kuril Isles, Okinawa, the Bonin Islands and Iwo Jima were taken with minimal resistence.

In Russia the initial obliteration of over 1.5 million Polish and Yngling forces left the invasion of Comintern Russia a battered mess with gaping holes in the lines and neither side effectively holding military sway, the arrival of 3 million Indian and Chinese troops will have and begun to turn the tide.

There are 2 major fronts of note, northern France, and the northern Balkans.

With Yngling entry to the war they with their Burgundian puppets invaded peaceful Spain and an epic meatgrinder of a stalemate ensued, Both sides employed explosive metal bombs with utter no regard to collateral damage causing millions of deaths and destorying much of the infastructure of france.

So badly mauled was the Yngling’s and Burgundian invasion armies that they quickly lost the initiative and were forced to resort to stop gap measures, and ad hoc formations and their own nuclear arsenal to prevent a breakthrough. The old idea of a lightning armoured blitzkrieg to bring about quick victory was quickly abandoned when nuclear fire, a losing of the element of surprise and a prepared enemy made such spear heads blunted almsot at their inception and lack of fuel made such grand scale offencives arare and impractical.

In the balkans the Ynglings fared little better as a lack of a ready supply of fissile material made countering the Chinese Strategic Rocket Forces strikes on Polish formations impossible at that time and the Poles initial advantages of numbers and open routes of advance were blocked by nuclear obliteration and quickly brought up Chinese and (some 1,000,000 men and equipment had been stations in the lower balkans guarding Ploesti) and B.E.M.O (Balkan Eastern Mediteranium Organization) forces.

BEMO would soon be able to liberate Slovenia incorperating it into the defence framework of Croatia, and after several intense months of fighting Hungary, the initial Polish staging ground to invade the Balkans was liberated by BEMO and PLA forces.

While the Poles also had initial success in Romania, the goal of reaching the oil fields was soon revealed a pipe dream as stiff Chinese and Romanian resistence made such efforts fruitless and were soon pushed back, the freeing of Moldavia almost a reality.

I suspect that the combined industrial and manpower might of the Comintern would have had we kept playing past say 1954 would have won through but would have taken probably 4-5 years.

Yep, what he said. This is of course why I made it quite clear that, as far as I’m concerned, this AAR ended with the Saturday session and the final terms of the Bitter Peace. (I’ll post some screenies later.) Basically I just wanted to see what would happen in a fully nuclear battlefield in HoI2. Answer: It’s nasty. Blayne’s claim of 1.5 million casualties in the first week of the war is by no means exaggerated. I actually did lose 150 divisions to nukes, and it’s not as though I was piling up the uberstacks, either. By the end, the Spanish-Burgundian border in France was nuked all over; in supply mode you could see a line of deep green, 0-infra provinces running from the Med to the Channel, where one side or the other had made some initial advance and then got slammed. This of course made it impossible to achieve any sort of rapid advance, because you had to go through those provinces to get at your enemy and he had plenty of time to move troops around behind the lines to meet you. Sort of like WWI with tanks.

I did find a use for the militia Belgium kept building, though: They make very nice 30-strong stacks to decoy enemy nukes out of hiding. 😀

I’m not totally sure how the war would have ended; since the Royal Navy was on my side this time, we apparently had total control of the seas for a change, so I was running a surplus of oil from my Texas oilfields (well – having most of my panzers obliterated helped with that, it’s true), and both Africa and South America were falling to British troops when we ended. And with Burgundy added to the Axis, we had rough industrial parity or perhaps even a bit of superiority. Sure, the immediate balance of forces was against us, but it’s a long way from the Caucasus to Germany. Pump out enough infantry, and it might have been possible to hold the Chinese off and then knock Spain out of it. We would then have been faced with twenty years of grinding through Asia, but oh well. Perhaps it could have been done. But I’m just as content to say that that last session was a wargame done by the OYH, and the reason why Norway is going to be a nice peaceful citizen of the world for the next hundred years or so, while we figure out how to stop nukes.

It’s an unpleasant world history we’ve built, here; I’ll have some words later about how I think it will develop.


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