The End Is Not Yet: Screenshots from the War for Georgian Sovereignty

So, screenies were requested. First a quick look at the internal Norwegian situation:

Norwegian politics

You will observe that the fascists are very much a fringe movement, here. Now for the war! We begin with the landing and subsequent battles at Almeria:

Almeria landing


These battles are quite successful, as you can see, but quantity has a quality all its own. Things were a bit hectic for a while, and I next took screenies in the fighting for Baku. An epic victory for the glorious Ynglinga Hird!

Baku I

Baku II

Baku III

Observe that even when attacking troops well dug into mountainous terrain, the Ynglings quickly established dominance and inflicted far worse casualties than they took. Still, the cost was high; these battles are suitable subject for tragedies. To balance that out, some comedy, with the Chinese in the role of comic relief:

Comic relief Chinese!


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