The End Is Not Yet: Now With More Grimdark

In November 2009, the AAR won the “Best Vicky Comedy” at the Paradox forums, presumably in tribute to the China player’s webcomics, or possibly to the sometimes slightly tongue-in-cheek propaganda and cries of Death to X, rather than the Ynglings. Nonetheless, I thought I’d better ratchet up the grimdark factor a bit. This is deliberate self-parody, not canon.

5th June, 1936
Nye Bergen, Norway

Harald Vargsson stalked down the dark, slush-filled street, sneering at the crowds of orphans begging him for money. Occasionally one of them would get too close; when that happened, he would strike with the snake-swift reflexes and inhuman strength of a man bred at Dovre, picking up the child and throwing it at the nearest wall. The aim of the game was to make them crunch hard enough that they’d stick to the bricks, but so far he hadn’t quite managed the right combination of speed and hitting head-first; the aerodynamics of the rags they wore made it tricky.

A flight of aircraft droned overhead, Valkyrie killercraft heading for the Chinatown target-practice range…


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