Nation Shall Rise Against Nation: 1946 screenies

Brief recap: We started with Norway, Italy, Georgia, Finland, and Prussia in the Axis and at war with Indonesia and Japan. There was active fighting in Siberia, in Kazakhstan (that is, just east of the Caspian) and in Persia. Not many American troops had reached the fighting front. The EastAsians had considerable air superiority. The SPQR joined the Axis and dispatched troops in an easterly direction. The Central Alliance consisting of France, Africa, and Germany DOWed the SPQR, loudly proclaiming their intent to only retake the Italian peninsula and their disinterest in fighting the Axis as a whole. Norway landed troops in northern France, but too late to save the SPQR. In hindsight I should have ignored Germany’s proclamation of neutrality and overrun Denmark. Quebec re-took Egypt for the third (?) time, but eventually a WP (not including the annexed SPQR, that is) was signed after Georgia threatened nukes.

At this point the Persian front was in full retreat, with Baku under threat, and Georgia was getting desperate enough to consider nukes. Malaysian troops landed in Aden. Fortunately, this created a front which Norwegian troops could actually get to in some numbers. Varyar and I both shipped in troops through the Med, landing at Haifa and marching straight to the front; the Malaysians managed to reach the Jordan, but were driven back from that point. Presumably the idea was to bypass the line defending Baku on its western flank, and either pocket and annihilate it or else pour into Anatolia and from there Europe. However, against large numbers of Norwegian and Italian troops this proved beyond the Indonesian capability, and they were forced to retreat into Persia lest they in turn become pocketed.

Meanwhile there was some skirmishing in the Aleutians; the advantage here was to the Japanese. I’ve lost some ancient cruisers and several near-worthless islands; that is, they have some strategic importance as bases for invasions, in either direction, but since the respective homelands are well defended, not very much. It does mean I can no longer reach the Japanese reactor with my missiles, though. 😦

Here are some random screenies from the session; unfortunately, at the most hectic point, when Indonesian troops were in Syria and driving for Lebanon, and Norse troops offloading onto the docks in Haifa would form up to march straight to the fighting front, I forgot to take any. C’est la guerre. We begin with proof of the evil deeds of Japan, and the fruits of the Norwegian research program to deal with them:

Japan's reactor

Level 8! Or so it was before the missiles hit. Unfortunately they were able to take the Aleutian bases from which the missiles were launched, and no doubt they have now repaired the damage and are stockpiling weapons of mass destruction.

Next, the rather unfortunate attempt to land in France in support of the SPQR. Alas, the French were by this point winning handily in the south, and we didn’t so much distract them as offer a fine target for those divisions that couldn’t be fit into their victorious advance.

French landings

Finally, some screenies from the later, less tense stages of the Mideastern campaign; attack on Kirkuk:


and Norwegian tanks entering Baghdad:


Observe that the tanks are of the heavy and modern Gungnir type, the finest in the world – at least until the upcoming Mjølner class enters service. Alas, Danomite did not try to stick around in a salient that was clearly overextended, but instead retreated in good order to form defensive lines in the Persian mountains, and we weren’t able to hook around his southern flank fast enough to form a pocket.

Here are some pictures of our intelligence estimates of the EastAsians:

Intel on Malaysia

Intel on Japan

Observe the specialisation: Indonesia has 500 (!) infantry divisions, Japan has a much smaller army heavily into armour, and air support is mainly a Japanese affair.

For completeness, here are the corresponding estimates of the Central Alliance:

Intel on France

Intel on Germany

Intel on Quebec


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