Nation Shall Rise Against Nation: The Destruction of Finland

A look at the internal politics which led to the war recorded in the previous post.

The Ynglings are known to gamble, even – perhaps especially – for high stakes. Nonetheless, contemporary diplomats and politicians were surprised when, in late June of 1957, the Ynglinga Hird struck without warning across the Finnish border; and even in hindsight, the surprise remains. It is true that internal Norwegian politics strongly encouraged at least a credible attempt at the recovery of the Norse Law; nonetheless, to touch off a war which had every possibility of developing into a full-scale nuclear exchange seems excessively reckless, even for Ynglings.

That said, in terms of brutal Realpolitik, the nuclear situation was only going to get worse; the Yngling Cabinet, with Anja Sigridsdatter at the fore, apparently felt the time had come to push for hegemony, and were prepared to gamble with the lives of tens of millions for their goal. It appears that their avowed goal, of uniting humanity to resist alien influence from the Moon-Georgians, was actually sincerely held; but with that said, it must be added that had the Moon-Georgians not conveniently provided a reason for uniting humanity, the Ynglings would have found a different one, and believed in their cause with equal sincerity. In the end, what mattered was not the reason for uniting the world under their rule, but the fact of doing it or dying in the attempt. Such is the nature of the Will to Power: There is always some justification, some good and excellent reason why all the world should bow the knee. The failure of the initial intervention, the release of the bioweapon, hundreds of years of the breeding program at Dovre, long decades of occupation: Nothing, in the end, could quench the fire that burns at the heart of the Yngling race, the sheer primate instinct to dominate the pack and gain resources and females for one’s offspring.

The Ynglings have forgotten nothing and learned nothing, nor do they desire to. The Dovre-Ynglings are, on average, the most intelligent great apes on the planet; but intelligence is a tool to be applied in the service of goals, and goals are chosen by the hindbrain – a region not much modified by the breeding program. And even if it had been, the modification would not have been in the direction of peacefulness. The originators of the eugenics program desired aggressive descendants, and their values resonate through time like the tolling of a vast bell. If a pacifist were offered a pill to make him wish to take life, he would refuse it, for in his present state he wants no such desire: All sentience strives to preserve its current values in its future incarnations, and an increase in intelligence is merely a tool for the better pursuit of those values.

The Ynglings, then, struck Finland because, in a sense, they could do no other. There were, of course, individuals who protested; there will always be those who attempt to stand against history and shout ‘Stop!’. They were brushed aside; what are individual scruples in the face of a millennium of history? The Ynglings saw a favourable balance of power: Finland was weak against the armoured strength of the Hird, the European decision-making class was at least temporarily aligned with Norway, and the EastAsian armies were out of position for the defense of the industrial regions of Finland, which could therefore be swiftly overrun. As for the nuclear balance, Norwegian cities were well dispersed and its arsenal up to date; but a limited time-window existed in which dispersion would be sufficient, since throw-weights were increasing yearly. A reasonable chance at victory, a gamble in which even the worst-case outcome would likely leave their enemies even more crippled than themselves: Given their history and institutions, the Ynglings had as much choice in the matter as a cobra does, when it perceives that prey is within striking distance. The photons strike the receptors, the electrons move within the brain, the muscles flex, and the venomous fangs flash forward; the process is as automatic as any machine, physical causality at every level with no hint of free-willed decision. Thus, too, do Ynglings go to war.


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