Children of the Fatherland: 1086-1093 session summary

A very brief session summary for 1086-1093. For my part, the main excitement was that my ruler came of age, and I married him to the eldest daughter of the King of Georgia. Unfortunately, on the death of that worthy’s old wife, he got himself a new one, who proved fertile. Happily for me, her first son was declared a bastard, saving me from the trouble of taking action; and I got the second one with a nice clean assassination, Int 18 versus 11. It’s nice when inconvenient people have Depression and Pneumonia and other traits which make them easy targets.

I was, nonetheless, a bit in doubt about whether to take the opportunity, on the grounds that the Komnenoi are utterly loyal to the Empire. Arkadios has even acquired the Loyalist trait. But I came to the conclusion that, although the game won’t allow it, there’s no particular historical reason why a Roman citizen couldn’t take a King title and continue to consider himself a subject of the Emperor, or Senate as the case might be. (And indeed there are several cases, although mostly from the Republic, of local rulers making the Roman Senate the heir of their crown. Usually there would be a Legion nearby on completely unrelated business.) Thus, for AAR purposes I’ll consider myself Proconsul, not King, of Georgia. Also, anyone attacking Byz, I will attack.

I also married my uncle to a sonless Italian Count’s eldest daughter, but that scheme fell through when he produced three daughters in a row and then keeled over from pneumonia. C’est la vie.

There has been a wholesale slaughter of Immortals due to people never reporting in, so there are slots open if anyone wants to play one. For those Immortals who are following but not writing AARs, could you make the occasional “I’m still here” post so I don’t delete you by mistake? The Immortals I did not eliminate are as follows: Telarias (wrote an AAR, hasn’t been heard from since), Laidech (clearly and strongly present), Radulf (active on Ederon), Leviathan (not active this week), Carbonater (sent me orders last week, otherwise silent), and Rasputin (posted two AARs this week, couldn’t be quiet to save his life). If there’s anyone who has been deleted and still wants to play, make a noise.


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