Children of the Fatherland: Comic Relief!

In a break from my usual style, I made my AAR for the Two Emperors War as a stick-figure comic. The background here is that, firstly, both sides had heard from unspecified sources that the other side was going to attack them, and therefore claimed their war was defensive; and secondly, that we were much plagued by bugs, including one which made entire armies disappear, usually just as they were about to launch the war-winning offensive. Egypt was particularly unfortunate in this respect.

The Persian zombies are a reference to an earlier bug, involving doubling army size by exploiting a weird interaction of the mobilisation scheme with vassal rebellions. It was ruled illegal, but the Persians who invented it thereby acquired a reputation as necromancers, which their luck with disappearing Caliphate armies merely cemented.

Part I

Part II

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