Children of the Fatherland: 1093-1100 session summary

Again with filling in the cracks.

A very bad session technically, partly due to me not realising that what I thought was an optional graphics mod was actually a version-changer. Very sorry about that! Also, every time someone peaces an AI, they become a vassal of that AI in the display of the clients, although not on the master copy that runs on the host’s computer. It’s very annoying; you can’t tell whether you’re at war with someone, or whether it’s safe to attack someone. For example, consider this sequence of events:

  • Byz attacks a poxy little independent Duke and rapidly wins, annexing him.
  • In my client, Byz now appears as a vassal of that Duke.
  • When I consider whether or not to attack a Count, who is a vassal of the Duke, the manpower display will use the Byz number, because the Duke “can call on his vassal”. So I don’t attack until the next rehost, when I realise that the Count’s liege is independent.

Nonetheless we persevere. Crashing is fun, rehosts are fun, bugs are fun. And, before anyone asks “Are we having fun yet?”: Yes, we are definitely having fun at this time. Thank you for asking.

The Antiochene Intrigue, unfortunately, ran afoul of the Seljuk Inheritance from 1077. Specifically, Rus conquered Georgia, and while my son Zenobios did inherit Giorgi Bagratuni, the estate was reduced to a poxy little Dukedom. Annoyed, I decided to enforce my claims on Tripoli and to create one on Tyrus and enforce that one too, thus extending Byzantine dominion well down the Levantine coast, as Frosty’s map shows. The current Emperor is nine years old, and Byz is consequently in its usual state of quasi-meltdown. Arkadios is, of course, utterly loyal to Rome; but it may be time for a powerful man to step in and restore order.

In other parts of the world, we’ve got the Russian Unification, as shown on the map. We’ve also had the German Succession Crisis: Young Anselm, son of the Duke of Saxony (played by Fivoin) and heir to the throne of Germany, died in mysterious circumstances, leaving the von Franken dynasty without an heir. Also leaving Fivoin very annoyed.

A brief recap of those events which I thought sufficiently important to give a name:

  • 1077: Seljuk Inheritance. vR and Foelsgaard colluded to inherit the Seljuk throne and become Kings in Russia and Persia respectively.
  •   1080: The Fatimid Revolt: FrozenWall warred on the old dynasty in Egypt and became independent, later on taking their King title as well.
  • 1090: The Antiochene Intrigue, now known to have been a bit of a failure.
  • 1094-96: Fatimid Collapse and Resurgence: Due to an unfortunate brush with Elective inheritance, the Fatimid dynasty are reduced from Kings of Egypt to Dukes of Alexandria. Nothing daunted, they Take Steps to recover their former glory.
  • 1095: German Succession Crisis. Anselm of Saxony, heir to the throne of Germany, dies in mysterious circumstances.
  • 1098: The Russian Unification. vR crushes the last internal resistance to his rule and becomes undisputed Czar of all the Russias.

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