The Great Game: It Ends

Arguably not part of the AAR proper, which is likely why I didn’t post it back in the day; but it’s sitting about cluttering up my drafts folder, so out it goes.

October 14th, 2007
Rome, Italy
Our timeline

The AAR-writer drew a deep breath.

Ah, but no, I jest. It’s over. It’s been one hell of a long game, and I’m the only survivor of the ten or so that started out, more than two years ago. (Ye gods!) In that time I’ve moved several times, bought a car, gotten married, proved that the measurement I thought was going to be my PhD thesis can’t actually be done, started another measurement, and gotten into any number of flamewars. In a sense the Ynglings have been one of the few constants, although, to be sure, they’ve changed too. I’ll be sad to see them go, fascist bastards that they are; it’s an unpleasant world they’ve built for themselves, with their dream of dominance. Let’s hope they remain rational enough not to start the Last War, even when the Chinese, with their larger resource base, build around them into space, and at last reduce the Yngling Realm to impotence and irrelevance. Life without dominion is still life, and there are other worlds than these.

Other worlds, yes. But humans are humans, and only one thing is certain: Wherever we go,

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