The Sons of Raghnall: When the Revolution Comes

The game events: The Spanish counteroffensive eventually petered out with vast casualties – almost matching what happened in the Winter of the Faith, though with rather more fighting in place of attrition.

Spanish Exhaustion

leading to the fall of their defensive position in the Atlas range and the occupation of almost all of Africa:

Taking the Atlas

I feel the need to give myself some credit here; oddman and Fivoin, playing Russia and England respectively, apparently felt content with taking up positions in the foothills of the Atlas again. It was Norwegian troops who blasted a path through the passes, as you can see from the occupation colours, and led the alliance to the Pillars of Hercules. From there we rolled up the Spanish line going east. This was too late, however, to force a peace in Victoria.

The heavy fighting drew in all my armies from Europe, and I had nothing on the spot when yet another Communist rebellion came up – this time with a stack in my capital. Leading to this:

Stryk kristenkorset

Dreadful-looking thing, isn’t it? At any rate this did give me the opportunity to share the little joke I put in the localization files when we converted from EU3. What else would a Communist dictatorship in Norway call itself?

Landsorganisasjonen Noreg

Nonetheless, I wasn’t very happy at converting Communist; the MacRaghnalls are the only dynasty from CK times that are still around and in power, and it was a pity to lose them just to the horrible Victoria rebels. So I was excited when the Counter-Revolution, a Jacobin revolt, started in late 1935. The question was, would they be in time?


The hour was very late, but it had not yet struck. The 15th of December, two weeks before conversion time, saw the success of the counter-coup:


Republic of Norway

I thought I was going to write a narrative of the fighting in the streets of Copenhagen here; but it’s been a day of interruptions, and I haven’t been able to get properly started. I’ll mark it as “I owe you one narrative” and go write an intro to the HoI section instead.


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