Azure Three Bezants: Victoria Wrapup

Starting in 1932, and with everyone tired of Vicky’s unending rebel issue and economic weirdness (this last decade it has been the Great Cement Shortage; I built exactly five factories this session and they were all cement ones – the only factory that doesn’t require cement to build!) we had a quiet and short session, reaching 1936 on schedule. We will now take a two-week break to work on the conversion to HoI4, using Idhrendur’s converter but tweaking it a bit – for example, nobody needs to start with 36000 aircraft. (Admittedly we may have gone a bit overboard on the aircraft-stack-of-doom thing.) Thus, no real AAR today, but here are some endgame statistics.

Rankings, 1936

Final rankings. Venice somehow managed to become number one in prestige. My advantage in military score over Denmark, the main thing that pushes me into the fifth rank, is largely due to Dreadnoughts; I have them, he doesn’t, because by 1920 or so I decided to build for conversion instead of Vicky effectiveness. Our armies are not that different.

Statistics, 1936

Statistics. Germany has actually managed to surpass the English army, amazingly enough, probably mostly because of that final anti-Communist rebellion – the so-called London Spring. The world still has one navy and several countries with some ships. There’s a noticeable gap between the Big Three and the rest, even among those the world acknowledges as Great Powers.

World map, 1936

World map, 1936. The world is split between nine humongous empires and some minors that have miraculously survived the blobbing process, probably largely because of Victoria’s peace mechanics; they will no doubt be gone by June, 1936. France, for example, is fully occupied by England.


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