The Sons of Raghnall: Random screenies

I didn’t play this week and don’t have an AAR, per se; but I can unload some random screenshots of previous weeks, showing the mighty armed forces of the North Sea Empire bravely engaging their foul enemies in far-distant lands. Also seas.

First a quick look at Stuttgart and surroundings, in infrastructure mode. Let nobody say the place wasn’t held to the last gasp.


Then, on to new enemies! Here is the liberation of Cape Verde, long a Norwegian naval base until it was occupied by India while we were busy in Germany. (Presumably. To be honest I can’t tell you exactly when India did occupy it.) At any rate, we return in glory! Observe that the Indian units must be suffering dreadfully from low morale, to inflict no more than even casualties on men handicapped by storming a defended beach; no doubt this is due to their indifferent naming scheme. Really, who expects men to fight for a division with a name like “4th Airborne”?

Cape Verde

We also liberated our Kongolese colony, in landings opposed by the pride and glory of the Indian fleet, such as it is: The mighty battlecruiser Yavuz, built in the German shipyards at Königsberg a decade before the Great War. Its ten eleven-inch guns proved, in spite of the undoubted quality of German workmanship when it comes to engines of death, no match for the Nordsjøflåte, far though it was from its eponymous ocean.


The Malayan navy, to be sure, is altogether more Serious Business, although here I seem to have been lucky in encountering only its older units of Great War and earlier vintage. Then again, the Lexington is also an older ship, and was lucky and, if I do say so myself, skillfully handled to escape with nothing worse than three of its four engines knocked out and two-thirds of its pilots dead.



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