Not An AAR: Events of the Fifth Session

  • Finnal Alliance: Finland is now a vassal of Norway; this brings advantages to both sides. The Finns are no longer the target of every Germanic adventurer with two ducats to rub together and ambitions to build a kingdom, and Norway can call on two thousand heavily armed, violent drunks.
  • Toujours en Vedette: Of the roughly twenty years of this session, Anund was at peace for two months – just long enough to get the Finnish vassalisation and bring the levies home from Scotland. In particular: I finished the Brothers’ War, imprisoning Tyke. I lost the Conquest of the Orkneys after the one-province count managed to attract a Holy Order to his cause, giving him about twice my army. I won the brutal Irish Holy War for the Nordreyjar, in which the Faeroes changed hands three times and Ireland was burnt to a crisp by Norse troops and their wild Finn confederates; the blot-trees hung heavy with Irish highborns for years after the peace. Even the French and the Scots learned not to interfere in Norse business; for two years a King of Scots languished in a Norse dungeon, though the peace treaty unfortunately specified that he should escape the blot-trees. There was a minor Catholic rebellion, and then the big one: I went after Sweden for Uppsala, where Bjørn the Traitor-King cut down the Great Grove, and a church of the White Christ stands where there were houghs and holy stones. As one might expect, that war goes well; Odin favours his faithful and there is no strength in the faith of slaves.
  • Toujours en Toilette: Like his grandfather, Anund survived multiple diseases. In his case, however, they were Nausea, Diarrhea (twice) and Malaise. Nowhere near as dignified, especially on campaign.
  • As Below, So Above: I, too, have been struck down by Fever, Nausea, and Diarrhea, as indeed have the Queen of Men, Crown Princess of Men, and Prince of Men. The next patch should definitely reduce the spread and harshness of these events. But as we’ve gone ten thousand years without a serious patch, just mods that let the players improve the experience themselves, I’m not holding my breath. Anyone want to mod stomach bugs out of this?
  • Into the Monk: I’m not going to make fun. I’m just going to say that this is actually a name/nickname combination that a Finnish Messalian can acquire. It’s just as well he has Martial through the roof.
  • The Stubborn Englishry: Hadogei, having hammered England into one, intended to invade Denmark – or so he thought. But Odin, as noted, protects his faithful; England-south-of-Thames, and Cornwall and Wales, are in revolt. There will be no vengeance for the Great Heathen Host in this decade.
  • The Orders of Chivalry: In the pursuit of balance we activated all the Holy Orders for the played religions. I opine that the Jomsvikings, all 750 of them at full strength, are not really a balance for five Christian HOs each several thousand strong, but I’ll take what I can get; the Christians were already active.

Norwegian Revolts for Increased Council Power: 3. I let this one through as it came at an inconvenient time.


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