I am King of Men, a user name I chose lo these many years ago when I first joined the Paradox Forums. Paradox is a Swedish company which makes excellent strategy games, and I’ve been playing them online against other humans for some years now. Since the games I play run from 1066 to 1954 – switching game engines three times on the way – they make for some nice long-term alternate histories.

The posts here come in three categories: There is “The Great Game”, wherein I played (from 2005 to late 2007) an expansionist, imperial Norway from 1066 to a nuclear ending in 1949, with emphasis (at least after 1540 or so) on social developments in Norway in response to the changing fortunes of war. Then there is “There Will Be War”, which has a similar setup but develops quite differently. This game is still ongoing (as of September 2009) but nearing its end. Finally, there are random thoughts and observations on other subjects. The first two categories I post on alternate Fridays; the third whenever I think of something to say, which is not so often as all that.

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